Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leopard Print for Men... (Would you) let him?


Is it even remotely okay for a man to be carrying a leopard print bag? Is leopard print okay for a man on any item, be it a pullover, pants... anything?
A fashion-forward friend of mine told me I'd seem drag if I did get anything leopard print I would seem drag(I wanted that poloneck Rihanna is wearing in one of her album's publicity shots, if you know what I'm talking about). Somehow the pic above convinces me that even though the poloneck may be a stretch too far, this Gucci bag can do no harm. Plus, this guy is certainly matching it right with his suit and shoes. Me likes alot!
Please do let me know if you think I'm edging towards Queendom! A blog I posted on jeggings for men did get me some otherworldly remarks. And by that I mean I am the one people thought "otherworldly". Lol. But then again, maybe I don't mind ;-)

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Juan Camilo said...

world is changeling, we're in post modern time, so why should we feel ashame of trying new stuff, we most do the difference, because if we keep waiting for the mind developend of the poeple of the world we will keep being a mannequin controlated by the media and just doing what they do think that you should do...if you get my point, risk yourself, i love animal prints i wish i could get more of then, shameless my country is even more closed mind... wish you well