Monday, July 19, 2010

Men's Shorts: A Wardrobe Dilemma

My FTV diet- which is only rivalled by my brother-in-law's son's Disney Channel diet, I must add- is taking me back to a dilemma I have had for many years but had managed to overcome as the years went by; men's shorts! Well... Maybe I didn't overcome it per se, but I think I just convinced myself that I am not a shorts kinda guy.
Really! I have very skinny legs, but I would really love to wear me some shorts. It is so bad a dilemma, I stopped buying shorts back when I was twelve. Even when my mom shopped for me I would always have a fit if she dared buy me a pair of shorts; I'm too skinny for this!
Now, however, I'm back to square one. I really want a pair of shorts and FTV is driving me crazy because it seems like the northern hemisphere's fashion weeks are dictating that this is the summer trend you want to follow. Trend or no trend; I want a pair of shorts. My only worry is my conscious. It will not let me rest if I do indeed go out in public wearing shorts. *sigh*
(I see you, Buhle and I'm loving the look of your blog! Holla!)

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