Monday, July 19, 2010

ELLE Magazine August 2010

The ELLE SA August 2010 cover with style icon Kate Moss.
I must say how impressed I am every time I open up a new ELLE copy. The content seems to improve with every passing month. And the beauty sections of magazines I was moaning about? ELLE obviously had similar sentiments. There are actual articles to read and less product selling in this month's beauty section. Fashionistas, including blogger Milisuthando Bongela, show off their wardrobes and Tando Pato writes about her meeting with the new editor of the Times Newspaper Phyllicia Opelt; not quite the devil, but maybe she'll wear that Prada as she has a love for shoes and dressing up.
Arty Mgudlwa, your "follow" does not go unnoticed. Welcome!

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