Monday, July 23, 2012


Is there such a thing as 'just a kiss'? Well, many of my colleagues in the fashion industry would most probably say 'of course'. That's how most of us greet each other; with a kiss on each cheek. Others go as far as plonking it right on your lips.
No matter how much I do it, however, it doesn't take away the awkwardness of that kiss. Are we doing the double-cheek kissing thing? Is it going on the lips? Who qualifies for which option? Is there some kind of familiarity based hierarchy? 
It is all so confusing that at times you find yourself in an unanticipated head-butting match with the subject of your polite endeavours. Beyond that, even people outside the fashion industry seem to be into the kissing thing, too, lately. It's all just a bit weird, no? I certainly don't know how to react when an ex-lover puts their lips on my cheek, let alone my lips. Is kissing(especially on the lips) not supposed to be the equivalent of saying 'I love you'?
How did we even get here? Why is there so much kissing going on anyway? When even strangers don't find kissing strangers strange how do you tell if someone is trying to hint at wanting to see more of you, as it were. With so much kissing going on he may just have kissed you because it is the 'polite' thing to do. Who knows? Urrggghhh... I'll kiss you anyway. It's just a kiss after all, no?


Nkhensani said...

I love this post! I have exactly the same problem. People have just become so free with each other, and I'm still like "wait- what? That's a thing, now?"
Social etiquette is such a strange thing!

Abongile Mario Mjokozeli said...

Lol true Khensani social etiquette is a strange thing!
Its so confusing seriously but i guess going with the flow works perfectly fine and one knows whom to kiss on the lips and whom not to! obviously to kiss so0meone on the lips you must have some form of high relationship confirmatory but yet again the gesture of saying i love you in less words or no words for that matter is still an issue so i would say lets leave it at just "it depends what kind of relationship you have with that person".