Monday, July 29, 2013


Late last year I became addicted to Solange Knowles's album titled "TRUE". We all know the meaning of the term, right? I bet for Ms Knowles it was about putting out an album that is true to her art. For me "TRUE" has become symbolic of a similar aspiration; simply doing me the best way I know how. Simple as this may sound, it really isn't. We often get stuck in jobs we don't like. We get stuck in friendships and relationship we'd rather not be in because at times we fail to remain true to ourselves. We are often caged by blind loyalty. So, when retailer Woolworths asked me what it is I stand for I responded to that email with "T.R.U.E" which stands for... Well. Just look at the picture. The folks at Woolies were kind enough to print a tee and dog tag engraved with those words- my words. Thank you, Woolworths.


I had such a great time at House & Leisure Magazine's dinner to celebrate the launch of their annual Luxury Issue. The dinner came just a day after my birthday, so you can imagine just how happy I was to add a little luxury to my birthday weekend. The La Chatelat residence in the suburb of Sandhurst in Sandton is where we were hosted at an intimate dinner for about 20 people. How lucky am I to have cracked an invitation? Between sips of Moet & Chandon and a selection of wines, guests tucked into a wonderful meal prepared by the ever-stunning, award winning caterer and expert chef Vicky Crease.It was such a great pleasure to be a part of the evening.
House & Leisure's Luxury Issue is now on sale. Says editor Naomi Larkin; "‘In a world that’s markedly changed – socially, economically, politically – where we tend to be hyper-conscious and even distasteful of over-conspicuous consumption, our definitions of luxury are accordingly less to do with ostentatious shows of wealth than about the things we increasingly hold dear. (These include) having precious time with friends, family or alone; travel; being out in nature; the joys of living amid a whole lot of space rather than being crowded in…"

Pictures: Supplied/Blogger's Own

Friday, July 26, 2013


PR Guru Melanie Ramjee, more popularly known as Hypress, looked snazzy in that monochromatic dress and oversized bag at the launch of Luminance in Hyde Park. Tonight, Hypress hosts her bday party at Hush in Rosebank. Since your's truly turned 26 two days ago, consider it my party too! Let's party people! I hope to see you there tonight. Fashion designer Laz Yani's Cutterier will also be showcasing. If you do come through, do say hello ;)

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I've spoken before about how charmed I am with Anele Mdoda's sense of style. The girl just brings it ever so effortlessly. Her style is a true embodiment of "less is more". Here, at the launch of Luminance in Hyde Park last night, she's in Suzaan Heyns. The leather trimming on the top makes me go gaga, let alone that plum leather skirt. Can you see the detail on the sleeves? Tjerrrr! Definitely winning! Nice touch with the heel pumps!


Do try to calm yourself down. I did not say anything about the Academy Awards. I'm referring to what Bonang wore at the launch of Luminance, Khanyi Dhlomo's stunning new store in Hyde Park (more about that later). She looked stunning in Oscar de la Renta, which you can find at the store provided you have deep enough pockets. I love the volume and I love the detail. This is some real couture, baby, no games!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


What do you think of this Puma sneaker designed by your's truly? This is just a picture of my design and I am told it is currently being made and willbe delivered to me in the next month or so. I simply cannot wait to have them in my possession! 


I had the opportunity to chat with Marie Claire South Africa editor Aspasia Karras about their latest initiative- getting the girls gold. It all sounds all kinds of awesome! I haven't yet got my August issue but I do believe the aim is to groom young female swimmers to go for gold at future Olympic games. Who better to be on the cover than our very own Princess of Monaco Charlene? Beautiful cover also featuring Chad le Clos and Ryk Neethling. Once again, dear reader, please support local covers. This edition of Marie Claire specifically should be something inspirational. Can't wait to dig into it!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Nigerian model Oluchi covers the latest issue of ELLE South Africa (August 2013) as she prepares to start shooting the first season of Africa's Next Top Model. After several years of hard work, the model last week announced that she has finally managed to get an African version of the show on track and it will be broadcast towards the end of this year. The Oluchi cover is the third homegrown ELLE cover in a space of less than a year (yes, I do count Nigerian stars as homegrown, thank you very much). I believe this is a good thing! It not only marks a turning point in our perceptions of our own stars but it is also a long overdue recognition of our own people by a magazine industry that is painstakingly slow on transformation. Eish!!! You will remember the Bonang Matheba cover and the recent one featuring Tarina Patel but editor Jackie Burger says there is more coming, according to a statement issued by the magazine. I can only sit and wonder which local star will grace the cover next. What I would like to say to you, dear reader, is please, please, please support the local covers because if you don't, they will disappear and we don't want that!