Tuesday, March 20, 2012



I don't mean to compare the siblings, but people always give me the 'you're such a liar look' whenever they pose the question 'Who do you prefer between Beyonce and Solange?'. My answer is always the latter. Why? Because I do. I love her simple, but eclectic style and the fact that she's a club DJ (something I've always wanted to be, too). She seems like that fun loving girl who, despite being a celebrity, seems pretty ordinary (and by this I don not mean 'plain'. She's anything but) and most of all... This guurrlll loves fashion! 
Anyways. I thought I should just share this picture of her at the South by South West Festival (SXSW) I found on TMagazine. Does she not look beautifully normal and downright super cool!


Ndu said...

Oh my gosh finally someone who feels the same as me. Her style personifies her. She's elegant, stylish yet true to who she is. It's as if she doesnt let fashion pages dictate her look only inspire. It's like you can see her personality through her clothes and like you say she looks fun loving. Love HER!!!

Sandiso Ngubane said...

Solange Knowles is the business. If I was asked to compile a list of today's fashion icons, she's definitely in it! Love her to bits!