Monday, July 29, 2013


I had such a great time at House & Leisure Magazine's dinner to celebrate the launch of their annual Luxury Issue. The dinner came just a day after my birthday, so you can imagine just how happy I was to add a little luxury to my birthday weekend. The La Chatelat residence in the suburb of Sandhurst in Sandton is where we were hosted at an intimate dinner for about 20 people. How lucky am I to have cracked an invitation? Between sips of Moet & Chandon and a selection of wines, guests tucked into a wonderful meal prepared by the ever-stunning, award winning caterer and expert chef Vicky Crease.It was such a great pleasure to be a part of the evening.
House & Leisure's Luxury Issue is now on sale. Says editor Naomi Larkin; "‘In a world that’s markedly changed – socially, economically, politically – where we tend to be hyper-conscious and even distasteful of over-conspicuous consumption, our definitions of luxury are accordingly less to do with ostentatious shows of wealth than about the things we increasingly hold dear. (These include) having precious time with friends, family or alone; travel; being out in nature; the joys of living amid a whole lot of space rather than being crowded in…"

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