Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dark Ages of the 9 to 5 Theory Must End!

It simply makes no sense. It makes absolutely no sense at all! Why, for goodness sakes, does industry expect people to sit infront of a desktop for eight hours every damn day?
What, was it some sacred medieval scientific theory that said 9 to 5 is our most productive period of the day? I beg to differ and I’m not just trying to be difficult here.
How many of us have so much to do at work that it has to warrant eight hours, five times a week of slaving off even when you know full well that you are doing little more than playing damn solitaire or, as we do nowadays, are busy updating your facebook status?
I cannot understand why we have to be punished like this. Why must I pretend like I’m busy “working” when I’m actually not. This, for me, is the reason why people are quick to lose the love for their jobs and end up just slacking off whilst ‘looking busy’ for years on end (the paycheck is no excuse ‘cause it fixes nothing…not when it’s as measly as most of us know it to be).
This 9 to 5 business ought to be reviewed and maybe… just maybe… we can all look forward to going to work everyday to actually work and be productive. As for now I’m quite positive that, like me, most of you wake up early in the morning, hating it with a passion just to go and sit at the desk waiting for the clock to strike 5… or 4 (whatever it is that you are meant to see as knock-off time). I don’t know about you but by the time the clock does finally strike 5, my brain has already switched off hours earlier! Quite productive now, ain’t it?