Saturday, February 22, 2014


I am so obsessed with this artist I discovered online the other day. If you've heard about him, kudos to you, but for me finding Ben Khan was such a delight. I've had him on repeat ever since. The dude sounds like how I think D'Angelo should be sounding in 2013. He's got the funk and soul on lock! He's also easy not he eye, as you can see. Always a bonus, that! Give his track Savage a listen. You'll love it! I actually don't care if you do or don't. I do! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014


This is an Instagram picture of Rihanna wearing designer Alexander Wang's P6 beanie, in support of gay rights in Russia and not letting the winter Olympics taking place in that country come and go without highlighting the discrimination and persecution of LGBT people in Russia. A beanie may not be much but it definitely is a statement of solidarity. It is much better than the silence that reigns on this continent as Nigeria and Uganda commit atrocities against their own people simply because of their sexuality. Every single day my Twitter timeline has a headline about a gay couple or person in one of these two countries being humiliated or even murdered by members of their own community thanks to the draconian laws that have either been or are in the process of being signed into law in both Nigeria and Uganda. What sickens me is the silence that has come from the South African government, a government that we put in power and entrusted with our Constitution, which guarantees homosexual people in this country freedom to be whoever they want to be. It's a simple right, really. Why does anyone care who I have next to me in my bed at night or who I am holding hands with and kissing and hugging? How can we rest assured that the gains of our Constitution cannot be reversed by a government that obviously believes it is okay to let our neighbours on the continent commit murder in the name of "protecting African tradition"? Yes, that's the apparent reason for the discrimination against LGBT people- African tradition. It makes one wonder if murder is, then, an African tradition because these so-called laws have spurred violence against homosexual people and, more often than not, it is reported that people are being killed mob justice style as policemen look on and sometimes with their assistance. The South African government's silence on this issue really makes my blood boil. We know how President Jacob Zuma feels about gay people. We didn't have to guess; the man told us himself. History also tells us that, were it not for the late Mandela, gay people in this country would probably still be fighting for their right to dignity. 
Our own freedom came partly as a result of international support for our struggle. Why can't we return the favour by speaking out against crimes committed against ordinary people outside of our borders? Are we saying we are okay with this? Gay and lesbian people are still being killed in our country in spite of the constitutional protection. I'm open to being corrected on this but I have never heard strong enough condemnation of this by our government. Why, then, do I expect them to say something about gay rights, human rights, being violated elsewhere on the continent? They don't care. What it says to me is that if they had it their own way, gays right here at home would be getting beat up and killed on the streets and this, as in Uganda and Nigeria, would be state-sanctioned. It's a matter that is neither here nor there for the people we've put in power. 
Big ups to Alexander Wang for using his influence to say something on Russia. Let us also use whatever we have at our disposal to send a message to our government. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This is the look that thinks deserves a “worst dressed” title.
Superstar singer and actress Jennifer Lopez wore this while filming the video to her World Cup song We Are One (Ole Ole). Says “The singer worked parrot-print short-shorts from Milly’s Spring 2014 collection paired with a bold C├ędric Charlier’s Resort 2014 sweater. She completed the wacky look with neon pink Casadei heels and free flowing tresses. While we love J-Lo and bold color combos, this look is a bit young for the singer. We’re not talking 20s experimental young. We’re thinking this is more of a bad teen rebellion look.”
I disagree. Like them I love bold colour combos and while this look can somewhat be perceived as “young”, whatever this means, I think if you have the body (and face) to rock it, so be it! J.Lo is a performer so the other thing, for me, is that performers are exempt from the “young” rule, provided they are able to pull it off and I think Missy over here did. There are plenty 20 year-olds I know who would be envious of how she looks in this!


Please note that this collection will not be made available in South Africa, but I thought why the phuck not share it anyway? It was, after all, designed under the creative eye of my fantasy BFF, Miss Solange Knowles. She also styled and directed the shoot for the images you see. Also, if you listened to her last EP TRUE and can't wait for new music, this is what the beautiful and fuckin' talented Miss Knowles tells Puma:

I’m wrapping up the writing on my album which is my heart and soul right now, as well as focusing on Saint Records, my label and first release respectively while building in the process.

On being called a "style icon":

First off, I’m very careful at owning that title. I really am just as influenced by the everyday girls on the street as much as I am the glamazons, or singers, artists, and performers...I simply am a fan of anyone who really identifies with themselves in that moment and own it! SO with that said - Feel it. Own it. Work it.

I love her *sigh*

Monday, February 17, 2014


Cuffed joggers are a hot street style trend at the moment. Everywhere I look lately, especially in Johannesburg, men are wearing joggers. This comfortable basic is no longer just for, well… joggers… it's for everyone and the trend underscores what I think is a positive thing. Men who love casual wear- hoodies, high tops, etc- are increasingly dressing just as well as those who choose a more formal style of dress. So, along with Mr Price's new campaign, where joggers (print joggers, nogal) feature prominently as part of their offering for winter, here I am wearing one of the print joggers you can expect to find in stores for winter 2014…

And now, the pretty models in the Mr Price campaign… Damn their hot selves (I hate them. Looking so young and fresh, making me look and feel old!!!) 

Friday, February 14, 2014


I remember this wonderful collection by South African menswear designer Craig Port at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town last year. Now, my talented stylist Yonce friend- that's the new word for 'Diva'- Bee Diamondhead and the super talented photographic duo Kope Figgins have shot this kick-ass campaign for it.
How gorge?

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Golly! I kind of feel like a bit of a train wreck, really. Don't get me wrong; last night was fun. I can't remember much of the detail about what happened. I know I went to Marie Claire Magazine's Naked Issue launch, which was super fabulous (always a party with Marie Claire)! I also know that I ended up at the Waiting Room on Long Street jamming hard to some kick ass tunes. This is a total guess, I really don't know what the DJ was th'wow'in' down, but hey, I do know where the day started. It started at What if the World gallery in Woodstock where we went to the opening of artist Cameron Platter's exhibition. Read about it here
The few pictures posted here were taken there. I'm still trying to sharpen my photographic eye and it helps to have places to go where I can kind of do this. Please note that the beautiful flower man figure is not by Platter, but Athi Patra Ruga, whose works are also still up at the gallery.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


By now you will have most probably read about South African designer David Tlale's show at  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. The show was a slight departure from what we are used to seeing from one of the country's top designers but it was perhaps one of the best collections I have certainly seen from him. As I live streamed the show on Sunday afternoon, I could not help going "wow" over and over and over again. The one thing I kept saying was that this is by far his most mature collection. I absolutely loved it and I can most certainly see a Hollywood starlet rocking something out of this one. The two images I chose above are the two looks I picked from the bunch as what I can imagine setting the red carpet alight with clicks from the paparazzi as a starlet sashays! I also loved this one- the showstopper, modelled by the gorgeous Tatum Keshwar.

Well done, Tlale!


Sometimes all you need in life is a little trip outside of your busy city life. This past weekend was one filled with a lot of activity for me; lots of fun times with friends I had not seen in a while. My friend Emanuel and I landed in Cape Town last week Thursday. I am here to see through a project I am working on with my other friend Mali and Emma was here just for the weekend. After a few days of the usual type of fun- lots of partying, alcohol, peeking at and flirting with pretty boys and all that- we set out on a trip around the Cape Peninsula with Mali. It is truly one of my favourite things to do when in Cape Town, just taking in the beauty of Africa. Sometimes we get so preoccupied with what it is we do; work, relationships and all that and we forget that life is for living. For me, living is about appreciating beauty and the simple things. This is what this trip reminded me. There is nothing simple about life in the city, but a step back from it all is sometimes what one needs to get excited about it all all over again.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So, Top Billing's Jonathan Boynton-Lee was named this year's Cosmopolitan Magazine Sexiest Man at an event held at Room 5 in Rivonia, Johannesburg, last week Thursday. He beat the likes of rapper AKA and Selimathunzi's Lunga Shabalala for the title previously held by Maps Maponyane.The whole time I stood there sipping on Brutal Fruit's Mango-Goji I couldn't help thinking to myself; "Wow, this is like the real Mr South Africa, not that other little contest they call by that title." As I thought that, host Miss Bonang Matheba actually said it on stage, so I guess I'm not the only one who thinks this is the ultimate contest for the country's most… what's the word to use… "coveted" men? I don't know what you think, but in my books that's what it is. Thank you so much to Brutal Fruit for inviting me. I had such a great time. Since it took place on my last day at my previous job, it couldn't have come at a better time as I celebrated opening up a new chapter in my professional life.