Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Please note that this collection will not be made available in South Africa, but I thought why the phuck not share it anyway? It was, after all, designed under the creative eye of my fantasy BFF, Miss Solange Knowles. She also styled and directed the shoot for the images you see. Also, if you listened to her last EP TRUE and can't wait for new music, this is what the beautiful and fuckin' talented Miss Knowles tells Puma:

I’m wrapping up the writing on my album which is my heart and soul right now, as well as focusing on Saint Records, my label and first release respectively while building in the process.

On being called a "style icon":

First off, I’m very careful at owning that title. I really am just as influenced by the everyday girls on the street as much as I am the glamazons, or singers, artists, and performers...I simply am a fan of anyone who really identifies with themselves in that moment and own it! SO with that said - Feel it. Own it. Work it.

I love her *sigh*

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