Thursday, January 31, 2013


Despite its waning popularity elsewhere in the world Blackberry is still a coveted item here in Africa. The smart-phone maker launched its Blackberry 10 operating system yesterday and while it may be too little too late for them to regain market share in the rest of the world, at least here in Africa they have people like the 'Blackberry Babes', a Nollywood film from which the clip above comes from. Watch as this pissed off babe tells her boyfriend to fuck off because he won't get her a Blackberry. LOL!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


'The Future White Women of Azania' is a performance art piece by Athi Patra Ruga. Having performed at the Grahamstown Arts Fest as well as the inaugural Art Week Cape Town, Athi now brings his act to Johannesburg via the 'Making Way' exhibition, which takes place on Tuesday 29 January at the Standard Bank Art Gallery. I will, unfortunately, not be in Joburg at the time but you can go check the performance out for yourself. Details are available on this Facebook page. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


This past Friday I hosted a couple of my friends at the Puma Social Club in Johannesburg (thanks to the good folk at Puma). In case you've never been to the weekly gigs; the social club is probably one of the best places to go to after the gruelling work week. There's beer (of course), girls (if you're into that), guys (if that's your thing) but there's also pool tables, tennis tables, dart boards, chess boards and- my personal favourite- gaming slot machines. Just before 6pm every week people start trickling in and playing the various games ahead of the weekly perfrmances by DJs and bands. It's just a fun place to hang out and it's right in the middle of the ever evolving Braamfontein. Down the road is Kitcheners Carvery Bar (everyone's favourite Braamfontein night spot) as well as Great Dane. Dare I say it is the best place to go for pre-drinks before you go and join the Jozi hipsters at one of these night spots!


Friday, January 18, 2013


The collection received rave reviews and, for the most part, I really loved the looks Kim Jones sent down the runway. While I am still unsure about the silk jacquard gowns he brought out I cannot say the alternative take on black-tie is something I do not like.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


In a little over two weeks Cape Town's Kenilworth Racecourse will turn into something of a runway as celebrities, socialites and fans of horse-racing all gather for the J&B Met on the 2nd of February. This blogger will be at the Sunglass Hut marquee and I am very, very excited because I have never been to the Met. If you are also planning to join us at the races, this is the marquee you need to be in! Details are in the flyer above! And check this out... If you purchase one of the 200 limited tickets you put yourself in line to win a trip to New York. For more details in that regard mail, follow @SunglassHutSA on twitter and keep up to date by clicking on the hashtag #sunglasshutmet 

(Be smart about it. The tickets cost R1, 700 each and this includes a R 2,000 Sunglass Hut gift card. In my books, that is way more than just a bargain)

Monday, January 14, 2013


Been to Joburg's coolest Friday evening hangout yet? I think I've tweeted and posted a lot about the Puma Social Club. Frequent readers of this blog should be well aware of it by now. The last time I was there Spoek Mathambo was performing. Unfortunately I did not get to see him because I had to leave early. I hear the performance was off the chains! Anyway, this Friday the awesome folk at Puma and I are extending an invitation to you and a friend at this week's edition of what is fast becoming a favourite hangout for Jozi's coolest kids (drinks on us). All you have to do is tweet me (@Sandiso_N) and mention #pumasocialjozi. You can say whatever you like and I'll just choose who I am hosting. *evil laugh*
It might be you, but please do not enter if you are unable to get yourself to the venue or if you know that you won't go 9check address at bottom of flyer, above). I'd rather someone who really wants to be there gets to come. Please don't waste my time and other kids' chances. If you enter and I pick you... Just come! Okay?
Okay! Let's do this, then.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I have to say I was less than impressed by the men's section when I went to the opening of Topshop and Topman in Sandton late last year. Now, browsing through the brand's latest collection as showcased at the London Men's Collections, I think I may just want to pick up an item or two- or even a few- from Topman should this collection be available here in South Africa this coming winter.


Sunday, January 6, 2013


You know when Nicki Minaj says 'but to live doesn't mean you're alive'? Well, I think she's correct and I realise I've been fooling myself thinking getting stupid drunk and listening to friends tell stories about what shenanigans we got up to in our drunkenness is living. Fuck the Moet (ok, maybe not)! Went to a small town with a beautiful beach just an hour outside Cape Town. It is called Pringle Bay and it is so beautiful it makes me want to fly a kite! These are simple but fabulous experiences we tend to neglect while we get ourselves boozed up in our city comfort zone. These are the experiences that make life worth living- just chilling out, taking in the natural beauty of Mother Earth!

Photography: Malibongwe Tyilo of


Funeka Ngwevela- aka The Quirky Stylista- won the Marie Claire Magazine sponsored street style award at last year's SA Style Awards. She was named a style icon at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards a few months prior to that and I hear she's been busy working with Mr Price on a winter collection- a first for any blogger in South Africa. When deciding in the first fellow blogger to profile there was no second guessing for me, it just had to be Funeka; a blogger who has made her way into the hearts of many by simply being her quirky self!


How long have you been blogging and why do you do it?
I started The Quirky Stylista in 2009. I wanted to document my style and reach out to a much broader audience. The blog was something different for me; it had a real structure and enabled me to document my lifestyle properly instead of bombarding people with pictures on social networks.
What inspired you as a blogger?
What inspired me then and still inspires me today is my love for all things native, bohemian and vintage.

What are some of the biggest achievements you've had as a blogger?
Biggest Achievements so far was when Mr Price discovered my blog back in 2010, winning GLAMOUR Woman Of The Year Style Icon Award and Marie Claire Best Street Style Award.
Do you think blogging has the potential of becoming serious business in South Africa?
Blogging does have the potential to be a "real" job. It's also a great platform for people to voice their opinions on things that are important to them. We can't all be successful fashion bloggers, though. Finding your voice and sticking to your own tune is important otherwise you end up being a vehicle for someone else's dreams.
A few years ago there was only a handful of bloggers admitted to places like fashion week, but now it seems everyone and their pet has a blog, thanks to things like Tumblr for instance. How do you feel about the blogosphere now and the new bloggers that come up as opposed to those who have done it for a long time?
I've recently came to a realisation that Fashion Week is about who you know (sadly) and not how long you've been in the game. I'm always gutted when credible bloggers get 19th row while newbies get front row.
What else do you do except blogging?
I work as a stylist.
Mr Price blogged about your visit to Durban to do a limited edition range with them. How did this come about and what can we expect from your collection (if you are allowed to reveal anything of course)?
All I can is that it is coming out in winter and it's going to be very rad!
What are your hopes for the future of blogging in South Africa and your hopes for yourself as a blogger?
Blogging is becoming more and more popular and hope that it's not a phase. For me, I want to keep on inspiring people in subtle ways. With that said, It's important to find your own niche instead of just reblogging images.

Join Funeka's quirky style adventures on

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Even though I've lost both my phones in the process, I have to say I've had a wonderful time in Cape Town this summer. One of my twitter followers (@Char_2709) sent me the picture above via twitter. I was on a yacht with a couple of friends having the time of my life! This was just two days before New Year's Eve- the night I lost my first phone. My second would follow the next day after I was pick-pocketed at a bar on Long Street. Don't ask me what I was thinking taking my phone instead of leaving it at home because I don't even know the answer to that. Despite this, I still find myself smiling at the memories created in this short time. I can't help but believe that 2013 will be a wonderful year indeed. I'm certainly looking forward to making my move to Cape Town worth it. Can't say I hate Joburg, because I don't, but I do feel right at home here. At least for now. Whatever happens in the next couple of weeks, I'll just have to wait and see. Here's to wishing you all a happy, prosperous and hectically awesome 2013 both in life and love! Damn! Maybe now that I'm in a different town I, too, will find love. Lol.