Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I discovered Kilo Kish on Soundcloud a few weeks ago, as one does, and I've been listening to some of her music every now and again. Because I'm a sucker for indie music I've gone and Googled her only to find this shoot she's done with French fashion/record label Maison Kitsune.
So, as I often do, thought I'd share her music alongside this lookbook, which I like. Sorry Tom Burke, but this ain't about you right now. #bye
Here's her "Homeschool" EP.
More Maison Kitsune pictures below.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


A bit of a delayed post on my part, but fuck it...
Last week Thursday, Malibongwe and I hosted the first of what will be a series of parties-cum-exhibition celebrating emerging South African creative talent. The first, as you probably heard, was Unathi Mkonto, an illustrator based in Cape Town. Unathi has been illustrating privately for years and while we were busy working on the second Skattie Magazine edition, we thought it would be great to take a new spin on how art and creativity are celebrated.
The result was an amazing party held at Blank Projects in Woodstock in association with Art South Africa Magazine. Spier Wine Farm, BOS Tea and Bombay Sapphire were gracious enough to sponsor some drinks for our guests and the support shown by the creative community here in Cape Town was just nothing short of amazing! A friend of ours, Zandi Tisane, pointed out that what this event, and the accompanying downloadable zine which is all about Unathi and his work, did for her was to remind her that it's not "our culture that is boring but the way we engage with it". I could never have said it any better, because it's true and for Mali and I it was very exciting to learn that there is indeed space for us to contribute positively to the creative landscape which I think is bursting with talent that is often overlooked or not given any space entirely. We look forward to hosting the next party/exhibition and exposing talent that we are excited about.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to come jam and sip with us. We look forward to hosting all of you and, hopefully, many more people again. Please visit Skattie What Are You Wearing to see the pictures from the party and keep your ears to the ground for future events... Coming sooner than you probably expect! Please click on the banner above to download your free copy of the zine.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014



How to alienate friends you thought were otherwise okay with the fact that you’re gay? Talk about gay sex, of course! Well, okay, maybe “alienate” is a bit of an exaggeration but, yes, people find it to be a cringe worthy subject. Even some of the biggest and self-proclaimed so-called fag hags are not quite comfortable with the subject of what it is their bent friends do between the sheets.
Let’s be honest: try as we might to make it seems as if we are accepting of homosexuality- yes, that word that makes me feel like I’m somewhat deformed- the truth is that most people really just don’t want to engage with the subject but act as if it’s all good! What better way is there of ignoring something than to act as if it doesn’t exist anyway?
I don’t know how I feel about this kind of approach but it feels like a little bit of a cop out to me. You know, it feels a little like ignoring a problem in the hope that it will go away. Earth to you; the gays are here, they've always been here and they are not about to go away!
Anyway. I’m thinking about this in the light of what is perhaps a new wave of gay celebrities who really just don’t give a toss what it is the airheads and Jesus lovers have to say about sexuality. These celebrities are gay and that’s that! They don’t rub it in nobody’s face but they don’t hide it either. They are simply living their lives in the same way that anyone would want to live their lives- freely! While the media will often mislead you into thinking these people “came out” of the closet, the truth is that if you follow the stories of how these celebrities “came out” it really isn’t a “coming out” at all. It is simply an individual talking about who or what they are attracted to. Think Sam Smith who allegedly “came out” by stating that his album In the Lonely Hour was the result of a dude’s unrequited love. Think Nakhane Toure who sings about his Christopher without batting an eyelid. Was it not the same thing with Frank Ocean? There are several other examples I read about and think: “Oh, so… How exactly did this person actually come out? Did they stand on some podium and say that big old swear word: “Hello world, I am gay”?”
What does coming out mean to begin with anyway? And why is a necessity?
For the media, using headlines like “Sam Smith Comes Out” serves the purpose of selling papers and generating pageviews, of course, even if it is far from the truth. 
Don't get me wrong. I am not entirely opposed to the idea of coming out. A lot of gay people swear by it and I have no reason to believe that their reasoning behind this is invalid, but I also find it to be one of those things that reinforce the notion that heterosexuality is the norm and gay is the otherness. I also truly believe that a lot of people live in the proverbial closet because of the scary prospects that are attached to coming out. Why can’t you just live and let people take the cue from you? We know the answer to that. Why not talk about your relationship with a member of the same sex as if it is no different from a hetero romance (because it really ain’t, it’s all love)? We know the answer to that, too.
Both scenarios are probably too much to ask because as much as one wishes it was so, gay really isn’t the new normal. It remains an old anomaly that, like race and other prejudices, now benefits largely from silence disguised as acceptance.

Friday, June 27, 2014


African Fashion International (AFI) launched Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town yesterday. The annual event is scheduled to take place between 24 and 26 July. The 24th is my birthday, so I'm hoping to merge my 27th birthday celebration with what will hopefully be some great fashion. Nicholas Couts, who won the Elle Rising Star Designer title last year, is on the bill and that's one show I am looking forward to. I haven't attended any fashion week this year, so this will be my first since last year. I hope to be pleasantly surprised because I'm really looking forward to plugging myself back into what's popping in the South African fashion industry. Pictured above is fellow blogger Aisha Baker and below are pics from a shoot we attended at Everard Read gallery as part of the launch. By the way, it was so lavish being transported around Cape Town in a Merc Sprinter for the entire afternoon. Forward little me connected my bluetooth to the sound system and appointed self the selector! That was fun! I want to ride in that Sprinter again. This time with lots of chilled champagne, preferably on a long road trip.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Yes. That's him! The cult writer? The guy everyone wants to be Facebook friends with? This is him. Roger Young! Last night we kicked off what is set to be a series of boozy evenings all over the city and I suspect that the legions of Roger's adoring fans will turn up for the turn-up. Why, it's his birthday, of course! My apologies to those who did not make the cut for last night's dinner. Let me tell you... Don't let these pictures, where everyone looks all cool and chilled out, fool you. Shit got stank, boo! This was the dinner- a calm before what became quite a bit of a storm. Well, even if you were not there there's a great chance we might be bumping into you out on the streets because, as I said: it's a series of boozy sessions that awaits us. At the dinner hosted at Beijing Opera, Mali's camera was idle so I grabbed it and snapped a few pictures because my own camera is manyolz! 


It's only Thursday but I feel like it's the weekend already thanks to last night's fuckery, courtesy of Roger Young whose birthday we are celebrating for the next few days. So, when it feels like the weekend we might as well make it the weekend. Borrowed Anthea's amazing jacket to pair with my denim and those fucking amazing self-designed Puma sneaks! Bitch, you love 'em! The bear's about to get loose on these Cape Teezy city skreets and fabulous he will be! This is an ego post! It may be Roger's birthday, but I'ma go ahead and grab a bit of shine for myself.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


10 years ago on June 7, if memory and Google serve me correct, Thandiswa Mazwai's debut solo album Zabalaza hit music store shelves. I'm surprised I haven't seen any media reminding us of this day, maybe no one bothered to remember. I've bought and lost the album three times since it's release and by pure co-incidence, about a week ago I downloaded a few tracks from it. Tracks that I just missed hearing. First it was that haunting Transkei Moon, next thing I knew I was on to Ndizakulibala, which is playing as I write this, and on to Nizalwa Ngobani
I was in school and still possessed by the "consciousness" that I assume most black kids go through. You know, the ganja-smoking-and-dreadlock-wearing stage that, for some, continues right through to adulthood. Lol. It was a marvellous time and a time when I learnt to appreciate the fact that we have some major talent of our own right here at home.
Zabalaza served to reinforce this for me because it wasn't only an album that totally had me by the balls with a proverbial "vice grip" (beautiful production) but also because of the singer's lyrics about how meaningless uMzabalazo and it's gains had been for many of the masses of the poor in our country. I loved and still love the idea that one should never forget one's origins as Thandiswa sings when she asks Nizalwa Ngobani? "The world changes, revolutionaries die and the children forget. The ghetto is our first love and our dreams are drenched in gold..."
I could wax lyrical about this album all day. Hell, I don't even go to church but the gospel sound of Revelation got me hella excited! I have a feeling most of you reading this, if you were as manic about this classic work as I am, don't need a reminder of just how great an album it was. You just know it! It's ten years and a few days later and it still sounds as good as it did a few minutes after I bought it at a store located at the Sunnypark Shopping Centre in 'Scummyside', Pretoria, in July 2004, about a month after it was released. I'm convinced I have the date right, but please do correct me if I am wrong about it and, if I am mistaken by any chance, fuck! It is still an album worth being given an ear by those who were perhaps too young to understand and appreciate its significance.


If I was styling Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage for the recent MTV MAMA red carpet I would have pinned hoop earrings, gold rings for days and some fresh sneaks on her. Maybe something from that Solange-PUMA Girls of Blaze vibe or perhaps something from adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott. I would have kept the dress (love the sporty vibe of it) and maybe even the purse, too. 
In spite of my own ideas of how this look could have been vamped up I have to say that her look stands out as perhaps one of my favs at the recent awards event. Many would probs point out that the look is too simple for a red carpet do, but that is the very reason I like it. There's a perception that all awards events warrant over the top matric dance-esque costumery- that's what it comes across as- and this often turns out horribly for a lot of our young starlets because most of them end up looking like they are spending all their red carpet time trying to make up for those ugly matric dance memories. Wearing a ball gown to an awards ceremony like the SAMAs or SAFTAs is perhaps great. Those events are trying to reflect the music and television industries, respectively, as actual industries so I guess- for me- the formal vibe flies there because of that. I find events like the MTV Awards, which are far less about how your industry peers see you and more about the fans, to require far less of a formal disposition. This is an opportunity for one to step out looking all swag and no play! This is where you rock the latest streetwear trends and pitch up in something that speaks to the MTV demographic: young, fresh... cool! Definitely not stiff, so why the fuck are you stiff, then? Why are you out here trying to look like you've just stepped out of a Disney production? If you are going to rock up in a gown, then make it look rock 'n roll, please! Even I don't know what that means, but I guess what I'm trying to say is: think latest trends rather than simply going couture (even the seamstress who lives down the road from your mom's and thinks he is a designer probably has 'couture' attached to his brand name).
I don't know any of Tiwa Savage's music but what her look says to me is that she knows what time it is. Others just came across as too excited. Who wouldn't be for a chance to look all hot in Miguel's company? But quite frankly, being overly excited can result in overdressing. Get the idea that all that glitters is gold out that handsome head of your's sometimes. Damn it, Miss Savage! Why didn't we pin some rollerblades on you too, boo?!!! Ok, I kid, but you know what I'm getting at, don't you? It's the god damned MTV Awards!!! This IS the time to give something unexpected. Rihanna didn't get the CFDA Award for style icon of the year by being predictable, after all. Unless of course you want to set the bar for yourself real low, because that has its benefits too: Mzansi loves mediocre!

DISCLAIMER: I did not see all the red carpet looks, just the few that were selected by the MTV Base publicists for the post show media pack.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


After yesterday's strongly worded post on feminism, slut-shaming and that controversial Rihanna dress from the CFDA Awards, it's nice to take a breather and just have a look at beautiful things. Not that Rihanna's look wasn't beautiful, by the way. I know a lot of people said it was nasty, but I thought she looked gorgeous! Anyway. Local accessories label Pichulik by Katherine-Mary Pichulik have just released images from the autumn/winter 14 collection. Inspired by teh photography of Helmut Newton, the collection features jewel tones, wood, suede, agate stones and tassels and has been described as evoking "the glamour of 70s disco and the soul of psychedelia".