Friday, April 11, 2014


It's always so nice to see my favourite people gathered in one place and more often than not, it is usually around fashion! No surprises there, innit? Last night I attended's winter 2014 launch, which coincided with their first birthday, so, happy birthday to you Spree!
The site has also launched a menswear section, which I have to say is pretty darn decent, so they showcased both men's and women's wear, as styled by fashion director Chris Viljoen and his team of stylists.

MOOD: I got pretty tipsy towards the end of it all. The bubbles kept flowing as did the wine and, I mean, I like sipping! So, yeah, that made me happy. As previously stated, I also enjoyed seeing some of my favourite Capetonians.
TRENDS: Checks, leather, texture (faux fur, knits, quilts and all), pleats, prints (mostly aztec print sweaters for men) stood out for me.
PEOPLE SPOTTING: I am terrible at the picture thing. I always forget my camera (this needs to change). I hate asking for people to "please take a picture" because they often fuck it up anyway, so i end up with no pictures a lot of the time *sigh*. But anyway! Masterchef winner Kamini Pather was there with a dashing gentleman. She whispered in my ear that she may just have a surprise in store: a TV show!!! How nice? Can I also have one of those? Anyone?
All pictures are by Simon Deiner (SDR photo)

Thursday, April 10, 2014


There is nothing "normal" about fashion and that's the reason I fell in love with her. I can't imagine this world without the bitchy queens, eager beavers, self-assured magazine types, the wannabes and the downright wacky. It's weird, it's wonderful, it's simply beautiful! I cannot, for a second, imagine arriving at a fashion event to be greeted by a community of mommy jeans, New balance running shoe and logo tee-wearing Benoni types (sorry, Benoni, but you just beg for it). I'd have to ask where the gossip is going to come from if we're all looking so ugly! Where will the "OMG! What the fuck was **** wearing?" come from? But most of all, where will the glamour and inspiration come from? Would we still have eager bloggers taking street style snaps and pseudo-celeb types acting like it wasn't their intention to get snapped to begin with?
There's nothing normal about the fashion world and, actually, what keeps fashion exciting is the very fact that we all thirst for the new, the innovative and the novel. So, when the whole world is going on about #normcore, I'm just SMH-ing at the stupidity of it all. How dare you think dressing up like you're about to call me "oke" is fashionable? And for the magazines that are embracing this atrocity against fashion: stop right now! You know you're not about to trade your fur for fleece!
It's very simple, really! People are drawn to fashion because it is fascinating. Normal, on the other hand, rejects uniqueness. Normal is the reason why there's disdain for my nail-polish, blouse wearing, handbag-carrying ways. Normal wants you to look ugly! Normal wants you to believe that your pretty face and beautiful body must remain a blank canvas. Where's the fun in that? Don't be fooled by hashtags. There's nothing to #normcore!

Saturday, April 5, 2014



Last week I was invited to style a look from the latest adidas Originals collection and what you see above is the final look styled by your's truly. I initially thought of going for prints-on-prints but opted for a more relaxed- in every sense of the word- look that stylist Bee Diamondhead helped put a final touch to by suggesting that I substitute a cap I had initially put on the model with this wide brimmed hat. That right there! adidas Safari, baby!

Stan Smith EF W - R899; Jeremy Scott Puff Mesh Tank - R999; Jeremy Scott Leopard Shorts - R899; Dots Woven Parka - R1299 
All products are available now at adidas Originals stores

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I like the idea of Google Glass, but I've always worried about its aesthetic value. Every time I see a guy wearing a wireless earpiece, walking around, talking- obvs on the phone- but looking like he's a mad man involved in a conversation with himself, I just look at... I say "guys" because I've never seen a woman doing it. The men are usual suited up, too, briefcase in hand and it all just makes me want to say "you speak to yourself? What a douche" even though I know he's talking to someone at the end of the line!  Basically, for me, the bluetooth earpieces go under the douche-device category along with Hummers, Ed Hardy tees, white square-toe shoes, shades in the club and turned-up shirt collars! Looking at some of the Google Glass designs that are currently out I always think of how I wouldn't want to be spotted in one of them glasses looking like some sort of cyborg. This would automatically put me in the same category as the aforementioned "douches". So, this morning when I read that Luxottica, the owners of Sunglass Hut and makers of some of the finest eyewear (Prada, Miu Miu, Ray Ban- my favs- et al), and Google have teamed up on the Glass project I thought this could be a positive for Google Glass. It gives a company with actual experience in designing eyewear the opportunity to take Google Glass to a broader market beyond the douches and likers-of-things who will obvs want to wear Google Glass in its current form just to claim they were "early adopters". It's definitely a nice deal for Google and I'm glad they thought of it because, honestly, we are already walking around tweeting, Googling and emailing on our smartphones all the time. Why not take it to the next level by doing so without having to hold the actual device in your hand and without having to compromise style by looking all douchey? Don't worry about me, I just get excited about innovation, that's all! But only if those Luxottica-designed Google Glasses will look like the Prada Cinema shades, pictured above, or at least something along those lines. Bona! Stylish and 'techy'. Not tacky!

Monday, March 24, 2014


So, I've been thinking about whether to add my two cents worth to this "OMG! How can Anna do that?" debate and I have so far resisted, only posting a few tweets to the effect that I don't get what the big deal is. Well, let me expound because I think some of us are such fash-mag snobs we think the industry "bible" is tainting itself by- gasp!- putting a reality TV show star on the cover of Vogue. Oh, yeah. Some have even evoked Kim Kadash's crime number one; starring in a porn video! Lawdy! 
When I tweeted about it, designer Thula Sindi responded saying he was also baffled by the snobbish response to the Kimye cover because, in his words, "People are being snobby about the least snobby institution- a fashion mag!".
He added; "Vogue puts 15 year-old Russian girls on the cover because they are… ummm… pretty! I don't get this 'worth' that Kim is supposed to have."
Need I say more? I don't think so. To the bloggers who have added their disdain to the Kimye cover debate, it would serve you well to think back a few years and recall that your presence In the fashion scene hasn't always been accepted with arms wide open. You were also a victim of a dumb snobbery that seeks to deny a simple reality: the nature of celebrity and the industry is not what it used to be. So, just get the fuck over it! Kimye is in Vogue! And I bet you watch #KUWTK, SO FALL BACK!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


When I was about 17 years old I was getting high on marijuana, listening to Lauryn Hill and hating life.   Beyond the fact that I had just lost my moms I was just generally going through a rebellious phase that I think all teenagers go through. It was a little more amplified by the dagga and Miss Hill singing "So Much Things to Say" on her MTV Unplugged 2.0 effort. I was already a writer even back then and it was a time where I think I wrote some of the most interesting poetry I have ever written. There's something about pain and suffering, whether real or imagined, that makes one dig deeper. I still have those books I wrote the poetry in and whenever I look through them I am like; dang, son. You was angry. Anyway. I am reminded of this by something I read about this kick-ass 17 year old artist from Atlanta, US. His name is Raury and he is deservedly making the internets go gaga over his new track God's Whisper. Of the inspiration behind the song Raury tells; "I was fucking pissed. I hated school. My mom found out I smoked pot. She was patronizing me all the time. I just wanted to drop out and focus on what I wanted to do which was music. I thought school was a system of indoctrination and brainwashing, and they just want you to go to school, graduate, have kids and die. That's something I won't compromise. I won’t live my life on my knees."
I relate and I am in love with his debut single!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Is there a magazine that doesn't want Bonang Matheba on their cover? Her latest, out in stores soon, is Dossier Magazine and it's in 3D. I doubt there is much to be said because the cover speaks for itself except maybe to mention that she is wearing Alexander McQueen. Oh, and also, the organisers of Miss South Africa have appointed her a judge for this year's pageant. I think she brings credibility to the judging panel because of the experience she has building her own brand over the past couple of years. The girls could learn a lot from her and she, in turn, will be able to use this to see potential in them. 
Disclaimer: I do have a personal relationship with Miss Matheba, but I don't say any of this because of that. I think it is just a fact. Go ahead, deny it if you like but feel free to indulge me with a justification for thinking otherwise.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Dane Dehaan is one of the stars of "Kill Your Darlings" which opens in South Africa on May 9, I believe. The film is about writer and poet Allan Ginsberg and his first year at Columbia University where his outlook on life would change forever. Dehann plays the troubled Lucien Carr, who was a friend of Ginsberg's at that time. He can also be seen in "The Place Beyond the Pines". At present he is filming "Life", a movie in which he plays James Dean. Dehaan did a Prada campaign last year and this year label boss Miuccia Prada called him back for the spring/summer '14 menswear campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz. There's something about this 27 year-old that I find fascinating. I don't know what it is yet, but I guess one will soon find out considering how busy he is.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Heard about the big, childish Omar Epps skirt controversy yet? Yeah. Well, Lord Jamar from Brand Nubian has been going on rants about why men should not be wearing skirts and, in not so many words, actually accused Omar Epps of having homosexual tendencies. Read all about it on Nicole Bitchie.
My view on men and skirts has always been that people should wear whatever it is they feel comfortable in. In his own defense to the Lord Jamar attack Omar Epps said it was a shame that African-Americans are so out of touch with where they came from they actually don’t realise pants are something Africans adopted from Western culture. True! I’m Zulu and our traditional garb, which men still wear today at cultural functions and the like, has no trousers that I know of. It is only the contemporary uMbhlaselo pants which, mind you, were made according to Western fashion standards that prescribe pants as the only acceptable norm for men. Epps’s argument was not enough for Mr. Conscious. He carried on his rant as you will see on Nicole Bitchie. How typical of so-called conscious artists to think they have all the answers!!! *cues Kanye West*

Anyway. I went to Fashion in the Forest held at Groot Constantia on Saturday where several designers including Stiaan Louw showcased small collections. I thoroughly enjoyed Stiaan’s show. I particularly liked a check shirt dress which, no doubt, Lord Jamar and all his consciousness- read: small-mindedness- will most probably not approve of. Menswear designer Kim Gush had my most favourite of all the looks. Yes… The shirt and skirt, pictured above.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Last week was such a hectic one down here in Cape Town. Between the Design Indaba, the Cape Town Arts Fair, Guild and many other things that were taking place all at once, exhaustion was somehow bound to set it. This is especially if, like me, you also like to get down and boogie rather than just going to the talks, looking at the works of creative folk and calling it a day. Nuh uh! I also wanted to tap my feet, clap my hands and bop my head, which i did. I went to many a club and many a music event but my favourite night was at The Assembly on Thursday night when OKMalumKoolkat took the stage and even had an impromptu cameo by Mos Def. I'm quite sure you heard about that! Mos Def, let me tell you, was rapping along with Malume, who had us all eating out of his hand already, and I later found out that Def is a fan of Dirty Parrafin. Who would have thought and just how amazing is that? It just goes to show that we have lots of talent here at home in South Africa. It makes me smile to hear such things.
Anyway… I thought I had taken more pictures than I actually did, so sorry for you but the picture above of Malumkoolkat on stage will just have to do. x

Editor's Note: Mos Def now calls himself Yasiin Bey