Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Gays try to outdo models," says Felipe Mazibuko

Felipe Mazibuko laments the "dignity" of fashion week in the face of "gays" that try to "oudo models"

Whoa! And we get real!

Felipe Mazibuko- if you’re into fashion, you know who he is- appears in today’s Sowetan in a feature by Zenoyise Madikwa, practically bashing what I’ll call the “fagottisation” of fashion week.
“Hear me well, I’m not homophobic or anything like that. I am defending the dignity of fashion weeks against being made a mockery of,” Mazibuko is quoted as saying in reference to “gay folk…” who have “reduced most events on the fashion calendar to gay festivals where they show up to promote their own personality cults…”
Mazibuko also takes a swipe at gay designers who “design for their alter egos”. Hectic stuff, yeah? But I guess someone out there has to say it. It’s a fickle industry filled with people who lack the balls to tell it like it is. “Gays try to outdo models,” he adds.
Add to that and Mazibuko goes for seamstresses who call themselves designers. "It's like calling yourself a doctor when you are just a nurse!"

Check it out on page 22 of today’s Sowetan newspaper.


Milisuthando Bongela said...

Haha love it! Nurses who masquerade as doctors! You've been heard Mr.

Maque DeGorgeous said...

I love Felipe, love his work, love what he does but his careless statements are somewhat bothersome.

I just need clarification on certain issues in his article:
a) designers designing for their alter ego... well I would rather have a designer who clearly displays his/her vision on women's wear for the season and rather let fashion editors and stylist figure out how to translate that look into what the consumer would like - otherwise their jobs would be pointless wouldn't they now? - than to see a designer who makes garments that leave us questioning what her/his vision truly is.
In short: give designer free reign on designing and let Stylists and fashion editors do their jobs, properly!

b) gays at fashion week pushing their own fashion cults... well look, unless you know the individual's true intentions - do not strike that chord. Do not dismiss someone's "fashion" take as them competing with designers. How about practising a bit of tolerence instead of preaching that fashion is an extension of your personality but quickly retract that because you feel like they are distracting your vision of why you are at fashion week.

On the topic of "nurses posing as doctors," I completely agree - if you feel passionate about fashion, support it and perhaps open an emporium to showcase the designer's talent (if you are interested in the business of fashion).

Sandiso Ngubane said...

Hey, guys. Thanks for the comments. Maque, I think engage Felipe on this one next time you see him. Personally, from convos I've had with him I think I understand where he is coming from. The part about "gay designers designing for their alter egos..." Eish. I don't quite know who or what he is talking about here. Lol. I admire the guts in putting what he feels out there. Lord knows we need more of it.