Friday, September 3, 2010

Do the skinny leg, Witboy!

It's spring and no, the title of this blog is not about denims. I'm talking my own all-natural, slightly hairy, really scrawny and abundantly light-skin tone legs that I'll be showing off for the first time in a while this Saturday.
I've had a couple of friends asking me if I'd be ditching my signature skinny jeans to show some flesh this spring and my answer has very often been; "I don't know. I've been hiding my legs for years now. Dunno how I feel about letting them out in the open now."
"Are you insecure about them?"  they often ask.
"Well... People laugh. Dunno if they laughing at how skinny they are, but more often than not people fuss about how light they are."
Well, you know what, I'm a light skinned boy (yes, call me "Witboy" if it suites you) with skinny legs and I don't have any other pair except this very one. This Saturday (praying that this sort of energy and confidence lasts till then) I'm rocking an old pair of denims that I've cut into a short version. Skinny or not, light or dark, come rain or sunshine, it's Spring and it's about time my legs sprung out of confinement!
Laugh all you like!

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