Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SA Fashion Week Winter Collections 2011 Here We Go!

So, SA Fashion Week’s Winter Collections start tomorrow at Arts on Main and we’ve been promised an unprecedented collaboration between fashion and art as designers and fine artist collaborate at the shows. Word also has it that Clive Rundle, the ultimate South African coutorist in my books, will be showcasing a collection called “Braille”… Ah, the blindness of beauty? Don’t know. We’ll just have to see what that is about (or read, depending on how you look at it)*I hope that’s not a bad word play*.

Some of the shows I’m looking forward to include ELLE New Talent, which I might have to miss due to other commitments (I’ll do my best to make it there though, can’t miss a peak at the future of South African fashion design). There’s also Terence Bray, Silver Spoon and Christopher Strong (two brands I can’t miss, I love the practicality in their designs, let alone the beauty). I also cannot wait to blog about my experience of this fashion week season.
Tonight, Johannesburg’s fashionistas get together at Uyanda Mbuli’s Diamond Face Couture store in Rosebank for a supposed Cocktail Party. Reading her Twitter musings, however, I gather that she is at some or other boat race or something along those lines. I wonder if she’ll be pitching for her own party??? Or if there’ll be a party to start with.
Ah, there we go; a tweet from her saying “…then I rush to my event tonight. Whoop whoop!”
There’s hope after all.

Anyways, look out for pix from both Fashion Week and ELLE Mastercard Style Week on a group blog my fashion-forward tramps and I just started at http://thetrampslife.blogspot.com/
We will be posting and musing throughout the week. I'm also on @Sandiso_N on Twitter for updates about FW (who's wearing what, who's sitting where, next to whom, how are the shows proceeding, etc.)
Have a fantastic week, I know I will!

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