Monday, September 20, 2010


The perception that fashionistas are airheads is one that took root in society ages ago. Many, outside of fashion, see it as a trivial field to be working in. As a young person getting ready for varsity, dare tell your parents it is fashion you want to study and you’re likely to be faced with a battle in convincing them that, actually, fashion can also be a viable career path. The predominantly frivolous nature of fashion magazines is also of no help to youngsters hoping to carve themselves a meaningful career in fashion. All an onlooker sees when they open up a copy of Vogue, ELLE or whatever fashion magazine is a lot of glamour that is hardly concerned with the realities of life. It’s a dreamy world they see. Do you want to live in a fantasy world for the rest of your life? They might ask. It is therefore refreshing to note that one fashion magazine in this country is engaging its fashion loving audience not just with kick-ass fashion but with equally powerful journalism. I must say, I am utterly impressed with Marie Claire SA. The current “Black and White” issue is surely the envy of any magazine editor who takes their job seriously. Aspasia Karras and her team deserve a pat on the back for delivering such a great read. In fashion, good reads often mean less interesting fashion, yet this team is able to bring the two together in an exciting manner. Big ups! As far as Marie Claire SA is concerned, I think the words “airhead” and “fashion” are set worlds apart.


Buhle '08 said...

I bought it too and I was impressed. I went straight to the photography feature and it was so interesting and the pictures were insane! i like the pic of that old man and that lil white boy pointing a gun at him! It was just so ironic because when one thinks about it, that's what his daddy must've been doing back in the day.

Sandiso Ngubane said...

Lol. I am still in awe. A year ago I'd just flip through Marei Claire and ask my sister why on earth she was buying a magazine that I felt targetted older women, but now I think it is my favourite mag and I buy all sorts of mags; local and international, that's how impressive I find it lately.