Wednesday, August 29, 2012


One of my favourite South African designers Suzaan Heyns opened her Melrose Arch store with a party that matches the class and edginess that- for me- has become synonymous with her eponymous label. The store is a beautiful reflection of her signature- an avant garde but classic feel. The ever-fabulous Lindiwe Suttle performed tracks from her album Kamikaze Art. How fantastic does she look? It was an all-round wonderful evening of great music and amazing fashion. This blogger spotted a few items at the store that made me wish money was no object. In particular, I'd love nothing more than to have one sheer blouse with leather sleeves. That's right! Miss Heyns does that sort of thing. I've got a feeling it's gonna be a financially stressing, but sartorially satisfying month for me. Congratulations Miss Heyns! You did it again.

The Suzaan Heyns store is situated across Woolworths on the top level of the Piazza in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg.



I'm having mixed emotions because I'm quite angry with the ELLE Belles and simultaneously happy that they did something I've been waiting for one of South Africa's glossy mags to do. That is bringing you to the country for a fashion shoot, because I think few will argue with me when I say you're one of the global entertainment industry's best dressed people today. I'm angry with the ELLE Belles because they did not let out a whimper of a hint- or perhaps they did, I just missed it (*takes moment to let out a deep sigh*). 
See, I feel like I'm that guy with the crazy eyes in that Eminem video right now- yes, the Stan dude- but it's cool... I do Stan for you. I remember 'Feeling You' and 'Crush'. Those songs were two among many that made my High School days bearable. Even though you told Complex Magazine that you cringe when you think about your style choices back then, I still loved it. I was also going through my own little Rasta phase at the time. The red, yellow and green arm band? I had it!
I would have loved nothing more than to meet you, but I live in Johannesburg and you are visiting Cape Town- so close, yet so far. I think you are an incredibly stylish woman and I love the pictures from your Madewell campaign, let alone browsing through your blog. Although it will be with tears in my eyes, I look forward to reading the November issue of ELLE South Africa. See, in my mind, you and I are very good friends. We shop together and I am always at your gigs. 

Until we meet...
You have all my love.




Well, I must admit, I used to hate Prada because back when I was in High School, many moons ago, everyone who thought of themselves as fashion conscious would count Prada among the few labels they know. This made me think of it as a 'mass' sort of brand, which I now know it isn't. And, oh, that movie we all love also made me look at the label differently. Fast forward to now and I love Miuccia's work and the Italian label's eyewear is a favourite of mine. Sunglass Hut launches two new styles from the house of Prada this month and I already know which pair I want. Do you?

I love the updated baroque style (pictured above) and I did miss last year's big, round version, but I think if I had to pick a single style the parallels, pictured below, is what I would go for!


The title of this blog was the hashtag of what became this past weekend's best party for me- Puma's launch of a store in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. This part of town is fast becoming one of the trendiest area in Joburg CBD and it's really cool to see big brands coming through to do business here. I took several snaps of the shop before I, like the rest of those in attendance, was taken by rapper Tumi's volume and thrust upon the street dancefloor!
The shop is located on the corner of De Korte and Melle Streets and will be open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and from 9am to 1pm on Sundays.

Monday, August 27, 2012


I had to take off the cropped jacket I am wearing in these pics because it was getting so hot... What beautiful weather we've been having in Jozi these past couple of days. Yesterday, being a Sunday, my friends and I decided we want to be out in the sun with other people and to have braaivleis, so off we went to Shisa Nyama in Midrand. It is such a wonderful and laid back way to wrap up one's weekend, especially if it was one as hectic as what I had. 
Back to the weather... I love it! Gives me the opportunity to wear one of my favourite accessories- Dolce & Gabbana shades I got from Sunglass Hut. I hope it remains like this for the rest of spring and summer. No more cold spells (or even overcast weather), please! BTW: I'm the dude in the red. My friends are Vuyo Varoyi (middle, and also in D&G from Sunglass Hut) and Sisekelo Zondi, showing the peace sign!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Loom, the menswear store in Parkhurst, Johannesburg, is turning one this September and to celebrate they've teamed up with local artisan chocolatiers Honest Chocolates. The collaboration involves the creation of a one-year celebratory slab that will be sold exclusively at Loom. It is also limited to only 365 units, marking the 365 days of Loom's existence. Here's where you come in; you can design the packaging of the slab and win yourself some awesome prizes in the process. How do you enter? Easy! Just click here and you'll find all the info at
I, as well as Loom co-owner Anthony Keyworth, Andrew Berry of we-are-awesome and Angie Batis of Lucky Pony, have the honour of judging the competition, which closes at 2pm on the 23rd of August. So, get cracking! I look forward to seeing what you got!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Jesse Boykins III and Just-A-Band from Kenya have been announced as the international acts that will be gracing us with their presence at this year's STR.CRD. Taking place in Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg, from the 27th to 28th of September, STR.CRD is Africa's leading urban youth culture event that brings together fashion, music, sneaker culture, graffiti art, skating and dance. Blog trawlers and lovers of fashion will perhaps be familiar with Jesse Boykins III as the New York City singer associated with the boys from

Here is a short film by the Street Etiquette boys, featuring Jesse.

STR.CRD Tickets are available from  starting today; R120 (pre-sold) and R150 (at the door)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Did you think it was over? Nope!
Malibongwe (Skattie What Are You Wearing) and I have more interviews with the country’s top designers for you. This time around, we shot webisodes around the actual business of fashion. We spoke to Clive Rundle, Caren Waldman from Two and Tiaan Nagel about their thoughts on designer fashion and retail, showcasing at fashion week and how much they believe the industry has changed over the years.
Check out the trailer. Webisodes will be rolled out both here and at Skattie What Are You Wearing over the next week.


Sunday, August 12, 2012


Check out this super-dope campaign video by Adidas- one of my favourite sportswear brands- featuring hip-hop's IT girl Nicki Minaj in a puffed jacket and all-round awesome streetwear swag. And how cool does designer Jeremy Scott look in all that graphic print? This video is just all kinds of awesome. I love it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Joseph Gordon-Levitt covers the August 2012 issue of American GQ and what a great spread he shot with the magazine, dressed in three-piece suit. The spread is called 'True Brit'- smart- and you can take a look by clicking here. The pic I've posted is my favourite of the looks that made the pages of the mag- slim and checkered!


I'm getting gripped by Bond fever as the release date for the latest 007 film- titled 'Skyfall'- approaches. I inherited my love for Bond from my mother, believe it or not, and I'm highly excited about Daniel Craig's third Bond. The new trailer is out!


 Can all the 'It's just snow' and 'I don't really care, maybe it's because I've lived in America/Europe' people sit the fuck down! It snowed in Johannesburg. This is not something we get to see every single winter, so you know what... Yes! We ARE going to get fuckin' excited about seeing little white matter floating about outside our windows. Hell! Work will even come to a stand still and we will go outside to do them snow angels! Fall back! It snowed in my city!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The people that brought us 36boutiques will soon be launching, an online store for men that promises to be on par with the best in the world. This is a first for South Africa. Former Men's Health fashion director Neil Doveton is the man charged with the task of leading this brand new and exciting venture that I, for one, am very excited about. As part of our initiative to familiarise you with the roleplayers in South African menswear, we bring you this Q&A with the man himself.

Briefly, what is 36man all about and when are you going live?
ThirtySixMan is an exciting new online retail and style destination for men, bringing together carefully curated on-trend items across categories such as apparel, accessories, shoes, homeware and grooming. ThirtySixMan also offers a convenient shopping experience with free deliveries and returns. ThirtySixMan will be launching this summer. I urge men to go to our pre launch micro-site and sign-up. This will ensure they will be of the first to know once we go live. They can also stand a chance to win The New iPad 3 to make shopping online at ThirtySixMan that much easier.

What are some of the brands that will be stocked by the online store?
ThirtySixMan will offer the style and fashion-conscious man an assortment of brands such as Levi's, Puma, Wrangler, Diesel Footwear Hurley, RVKA, Nixon and a whole load of our terrific local designers including Csquared, Adriaan Kuiters and Craig Port's new exclusive collection.



When you look at international online fashion retail portals, over and above the retail aspect there's also an emphasis on editorial content. Can we expect the same from 36man and what type of content will this be?
Yes and no - we do not consider our site a magazine, we are primarily etail. However we will do editorial look-books of how to create a wardrobe, whether one's taste is functional or fabulous! We will certainly be guiding men on how to do this using the ThirtySiXMan product content and credible style advice.

You once told City Press that there hasn't been an apetite for designer menswear in South Africa. Do you feel that this has changed?
I don't recall saying this - I may have said it was poor but this would have been some time ago. I am frequently impressed and excited about the way South African men are taking their personal presentation as seriously as our international counterparts.I am confident that we will see great things happening in the south African menswear arena. Incoming international brands and online shopping sites are bring trends right to our doorstep and making fashion and style more accessible to everyone more than ever before.

Is there an appetite for local designer menswear? 

We wouldn't be investing so largely in it, if this were not the case! I am very proud to be part of an organisation that believes so resolutely in establishing our local designers by offering them a platform to on which to sell and commercialise their talents without the small-business-crushing of traditional bricks and mortar retail. This is a very exciting era for South African designers. I urge more to consider developing menswear collections.