Wednesday, August 29, 2012



I'm having mixed emotions because I'm quite angry with the ELLE Belles and simultaneously happy that they did something I've been waiting for one of South Africa's glossy mags to do. That is bringing you to the country for a fashion shoot, because I think few will argue with me when I say you're one of the global entertainment industry's best dressed people today. I'm angry with the ELLE Belles because they did not let out a whimper of a hint- or perhaps they did, I just missed it (*takes moment to let out a deep sigh*). 
See, I feel like I'm that guy with the crazy eyes in that Eminem video right now- yes, the Stan dude- but it's cool... I do Stan for you. I remember 'Feeling You' and 'Crush'. Those songs were two among many that made my High School days bearable. Even though you told Complex Magazine that you cringe when you think about your style choices back then, I still loved it. I was also going through my own little Rasta phase at the time. The red, yellow and green arm band? I had it!
I would have loved nothing more than to meet you, but I live in Johannesburg and you are visiting Cape Town- so close, yet so far. I think you are an incredibly stylish woman and I love the pictures from your Madewell campaign, let alone browsing through your blog. Although it will be with tears in my eyes, I look forward to reading the November issue of ELLE South Africa. See, in my mind, you and I are very good friends. We shop together and I am always at your gigs. 

Until we meet...
You have all my love.



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