Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Few things bore me like men in suits, especially those who have a belief that once they suit up, it's the epitome of the style stakes. And with that said, best dressed lists filled with men in suits bore the hell out of me. I prefer that men wear their suits in a way that makes them stand out. From the pictures, I gather that the men on this year's GQ list are able to do just that, even though a lot of them don't tickle my fancy, the judges must know something that makes them believe that these men deserve the title of "GQ Best Dressed Man".

Anyways, I was at the event where these men were honoured on Monday and from the top 10, Cape Town-based leather goods artisan Yaaseen Cader and multidisciplinary artist/blogger Jamal Nxedlama are my personal favourites. They don't fall for the whole suit thing and, Jamal Nxedlana in particular (simply because I know him personally), has a distinct and very unorthodox take on style. His dress sense may not be everyone's cup o' tea, but then that's what style is about- individuality. And few people I know are able to stand out like Jamal.
I have to say, style, by definition means "a way of doing things" and I like to see the GQs as a style award rather than simply about how well tailored a particular guy's suits are and if their patent leather brogues are always shiny.

Congratulations gentlemen! This blogger likes the way you do things... fashion wise.



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