Thursday, September 2, 2010

My (Jacquie) Fashion Thursday is No More!

My Thursday mornings are quite routine; panicking about deadlines at work, but always managing to slip in a minute or two to read what had become my favourite column in any South African newspaper- Jacquie Myburgh-Chemaly's "Fashionising Business" in The Times.
This morning as I paged through the paper, however, it sudeenly hit me; what are you doing, Jacquie bid the fashion column readers farewell last week. Oiy! And so we take a step back. I have for a very long time bemoaned how fashion as a whole is sidelined by newspaper editors as if it were some negligible subject and in Jacquie's column I found solace in the fact that as much as it is one paper and one column dedicated to fashion (I think we need much more) at least someone out there was giving fashion a bit of love.
And so... The column is gone! One less routine on a Thursday and sadly it is one I will miss. I wonder if The Times will be looking for a replacement.

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