Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Missshape today launched its third ambassadors collaboration, this time with Yasmin Furmie. I really have no clue who Miss Furmie is but I do like what they've done here. The Missshape signature remains along with the minimalist, sporty vibe first initiated in the debut Ambassadors collection featuring Anthea Poulos, but this particular drop takes it a little further with miss Furmie's style as the foundation, of course. In case, like me, you are wondering who she is and what it is about her style that Missshape found inspiring, the media release describes her as someone with an "unusual" fashion story:

"...from her modelling days in Sydney and LA, to her involvement in social work projects and now, as a figure who is becoming ever more present on the South African fashion scene. It is hard not to notice Furmie, she has developed her own language through a sophisticated dress-code that moves from refined street wear, to sharp menswear inspired styling and her contemporary take on the “new look”. It was this language that formed the basis of the new Ambassadors collection..." 


Art Direction & Design  - Lex Trickket 
Photography - Vatic Studio (Brett Rubin & Nicole Van Heerden)
Styling -  Yasmin Furmie 
Make Up - Tamaryn Swartz 
Model - Adera Kachienga 
Production - Vatic Studio  (Brett Rubin & Nicole Van Heerden)

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