Monday, October 13, 2014


Took some inspo from Solange to put my outfit together yesterday and I must say I felt really good. If you visit her blog here the first image that appears on there is what I tried to interpret here for my skinny little self. I love that clothes make me feel good. It's my favourite thing about them, this ability to make you feel superhuman, like there's actually nothing standing in the way between yourself and greatness!
The blouse, which is totes just... cray, amay, is a vintage find. Think I got it for something silly like R20 at a store in Rosebank (not Jozi, Cape Town) and those amazing shorts are from the Studio W collection at Woolworths. I saw them once and knew I absolutely had to have them. Thank heavens I don't have gender anxiety about clothes. The pants are womenswear, but for me, naturally, there's no such thing. The entire store is an open floor for me! Thank you adidas for the Stan Smiths and, of course, Sunglass Hut for those pretty Prada shades.
Anyway. Miss Knowles is not only responsible for inspiring my totes cray, amay look but she's also responsible for my discovery of the band Chromeo. How cool are they? She features on one of their tracks titled "Lost on the Way Home". I'm totally obsessed with it and hope you will like it, too. I'm all about sharing, so here's a Soundcloud... Take a listen and tell me if this shit ain't da biznis...

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