Thursday, February 13, 2014


Golly! I kind of feel like a bit of a train wreck, really. Don't get me wrong; last night was fun. I can't remember much of the detail about what happened. I know I went to Marie Claire Magazine's Naked Issue launch, which was super fabulous (always a party with Marie Claire)! I also know that I ended up at the Waiting Room on Long Street jamming hard to some kick ass tunes. This is a total guess, I really don't know what the DJ was th'wow'in' down, but hey, I do know where the day started. It started at What if the World gallery in Woodstock where we went to the opening of artist Cameron Platter's exhibition. Read about it here
The few pictures posted here were taken there. I'm still trying to sharpen my photographic eye and it helps to have places to go where I can kind of do this. Please note that the beautiful flower man figure is not by Platter, but Athi Patra Ruga, whose works are also still up at the gallery.

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