Monday, February 17, 2014


Cuffed joggers are a hot street style trend at the moment. Everywhere I look lately, especially in Johannesburg, men are wearing joggers. This comfortable basic is no longer just for, well… joggers… it's for everyone and the trend underscores what I think is a positive thing. Men who love casual wear- hoodies, high tops, etc- are increasingly dressing just as well as those who choose a more formal style of dress. So, along with Mr Price's new campaign, where joggers (print joggers, nogal) feature prominently as part of their offering for winter, here I am wearing one of the print joggers you can expect to find in stores for winter 2014…

And now, the pretty models in the Mr Price campaign… Damn their hot selves (I hate them. Looking so young and fresh, making me look and feel old!!!) 

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Gugu_A1 said...

I love this trend, on the right people though, I've seen some amateurs who should quit.