Monday, September 21, 2009

Designers lost the plot at Fashion Week

Evolution is very necessary in all aspects of life. Change- it's what keeps the world going round. Once things become stagnant we fall into a state of depression as the global economic downturn has clearly shown. Stagnant economies send us into a state of panic.

It amazes me, then, to go to a fashion show and see nothing new. Fashion is a reflection of social change, isn't it. It is an art, and like any other, a mirror displaying the character of society.

So, there I was at the Sanlam SA Fashion Week, unentertained by the lack of innovation on the part of some designers. The garments were beautiful, yes, but isn't fashion week about the shows as much as it is about the clothes?

When you leave a show without an eye catcher lingering in your mind, clearly the designer has failed to captivate and this was, for me, the case with the Loxion Kulca show. I only remember one garment from that show; pants that looked like an inverted sweater. It reminded me of a blog post I did a couple of months ago, titled "Put your legs throught the arm holes".

The show that followed Loxion Kulca- House of Ole- struck me as little more than an upgraded version of the former; the pantsula has grown up and his wardrobe is becoming a bit less playful, more mature but still lacking on the creative side.

One baffling show came in the form of RJayK, where each and every model came out to thunderous applause, as to the reason why I'm still trying to figure this one out. All I saw was glitter, very little substance and no clear direction in terms of what the collection is about. How does one just go ahead and stitch together a bunch of outfits without a clearly defined direction for the collection?

In basic terms, Friday night left me feeling sad that I'd be missing Clive Rundle the next day. The couturist never leaves room for disappointment. Rundle, at the last FW, exhibited the necessity of change with a show that told the story of evolution and from what I heard, Saturday night was indeed a highlight.

(pic: archive, courtesy African Fashion International)

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