Thursday, September 10, 2009

A little less fun couldn't kill a man

Life is meant to be fun. You know; adventurous, exciting- that sort of thing. Lately, however, I've been feeling like mine has become quite routine. I know that come Thursday I go visit a friend and drink and party the night away, wake up Friday morning feeling real 'kak', drag myself through the day only to go back and drink some more on Friday night and on Saturday and, occassionally, on Sunday too. This routine has defined this entire year and quite frankly... I'm tired of it.
Today I have sworn to myself that I'll spend the evening at home, reading one of those books that I've been avoiding this whole year- books I started reading in January and have yet to complete thanks to my hectic party schedule.
I hope I'll be able to just chill at home and not be tempted to take my phone and make calls along the lines of; "Where the party at, y'all."
I think I might have to ask big sis to lock me in my room, take my phones away and not respond, even to the most desperate of my cries!

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