Thursday, September 3, 2009

Springing into Action!

Elle Magazine, featuring a 'new' Drew Berrymore on the cover, has changed it's layout to a fresher look that I find symbolic of the season we're in. It's spring and damn, does it not feel like summer already? The sun, at least here in Johannesburg, is just smiling at us and the past three days of the new season, one must say, have been beautiful. It makes one just want nothing to do with the office but rather more to do with green fields, blankets and baskets filled with wine, cheese, bread and snacks.
One conundrum I always face, each year, with the changing of the seasons is the task of re-organising my wardrobe to fit the change. It's a bit hard, because dressing up in winter isn't too difficult at all. Scarves, trenches, sweaters- these items almost always transform any look into a good look. It's probably in the accesorising. In summer accessories can't just be done as easily, especially when your are a male. With females beads, earrings, sarongs and flip-flops are bound to do the trick. How I wish I could dress like that without attracting bulging eyes wherever I go.
Spring is here and it's time for one to spring into action. This is, after all, the year I decided that fashion can cross the gender boundary.

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