Monday, September 7, 2009

Keep fashion exciting, please!

Magazines, fashion week and the occassional catalogue in the mail is how most of us have always been staying in touch with what's poppin' in the fashion world. Editors have always defined what's in and what's not, but things do change and when one looks at street fashion one realises that people are no longer prepared to let the fashion elite prescribe their wardrobes.
For quite some time luxury defined fashion simply because exhorbitantly priced garments were all we could see in the magazines. This resulted in the glorification of expensive labels; Gucci, Prada, you name them.
When the financial crisis hit and recession deepened we became out of the box thinkers as we became increasingly pressurised to find creative ways of dressing up; why buy that expensive jacket if I can get it made for much much less?
The days of looking down on Monsiour Price, because "I can't be seen wearing a shirt that twenty other people in a 5 km radius are wearing" ended and were replaced by "we can both wear it but I can wear it much better than you can".
A lot has changed in the world and taking into consideration that people are no longer blind followers of advise in the pages of glossies I think it would only be called for that the way fashion is marketed also changes. Already, in other parts of the world, innovation is taking place. American brand Halston, for instance, last year launched their fall collection via You Tube instead of coughing up the millions it would have costed to have a fashion week show. And, as The Telegraph UK reports, a fashion show recently took place inside a train carriage on board the Underground. It's not just the consumer who has to think out the box anymore. The industry itself needs to adapt to the times and find new ways of keeping fashion exciting.

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