Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Naledi Radebe from Cape Town is one of the three finalists in the MTV Base VJ search competition. As you will find, she is very much fashion conscious and the reason you should vote for her is because "I don't think there's anyone like me on television at the moment, not female. I could fill a gap missing in the industry as representation of the new school, koolkid, hipster urban youth." Read on and make your decision!

How would you describe your personal style?
Naledi: Laidback with an edge. Its mixed cultures- from beachy to ethnic, 80's classics and vintage, ganster to preppy. Dramatic at times..I'm influenced by a lot of different styles.

Who are your style icons?
Naledi: Kelis is bad ass, Rihanna's raw and bold. I love Lady Gaga- she's fearless and innovative, never dictated to and downright outrageous. Of course Solange- the black Anna Wintour- if there ever was.

What are your thoughts on South African fashion and which designers do you like?
Naledi: South africa is coming up. I'm liking the growing support of fashion and the mix of african ethnic print in urban styles. I also appreciate the growing accessibility of South African fashion through occasions and displays like Neighbourgoods Market, Palululove and such. I love and continue supporting Capetonian brand Simon Deporres, also De Blouses re-take on vintage. My favourite South African item right now is 2bop's 5 panel caps. I live in my flower print one. I quite like Kluk CGDT. I went to SAFW about two years back and the show was just a fashion extravaganza! Internationally- Karl Largerfeld is a fashion God, Alexander McQueen, Vivien Westwood, Balmain and Margiela I highly respect. I must admit I'm not dictated to by branding. I like what looks nice, whether its an expensive label or a cheap 2nd-hand.

Where do you shop?
Naledi: Anywhere where I find a gem. Generally speaking, you can always find something interesting even in the most kitch of stores. Its just about how you wear it. But I dig Wardrobe, The Lot, thrift stores, Steven Madden, Zara and Cotton On.
What are the latest trends that you are dying to rock?
Naledi: Well ombre hair was my big one. I've never wanted to try something so badly that I actually tried to peroxide my hair at home and ended up spilling it all over me! Got it now, courtesy of salon help and I plan to go further with colour tips. As for clothes- I'm all over spikes, I wanna fetch more 5 panels, and of course obsessed with galaxy fabric. I'd like a jacket or jumper in that material. Leather drop-crotch that Kanye's been rocking stays being a focus, at the moment I've got a pair that does no justice. And of course shred tie-dye tops for summer. Oh and neon peplum skirts:)

Why do you think you are the perfect fit for the job?
Naledi: Well I don't think there's anyone like me on television at the moment, not female. I could fill a gap missing in the industry as representation of the new school, koolkid, hipster urban youth. I'm an easy-going person, I'm adaptive and versatile in scenes and music taste..I can fit into different social groups which means a large audience base. And really that's the direction music has taken- an amalgamation of different sounds, blurring genres, styles and fashion being a focus. People from different social and ethnic groups are finding common ground and can go to the same parties, sharing and mixing fashion, listening to the same beats- my personality makes me a good medium for that. MTV Base is just that kind of brand. Plus I got a strong voice.

Worst case scenario, you don't win. What will be next step in your journey?
Naledi: I'd finish up school and get back into the industry since the gap will still be there most-likely, someones gotta do it!

Vote for Naledi by sending "VJ2 YES" to 33394 or by simply logging onto mtvvjsearch.com

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