Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Nomuzi Mabena hails from Benoni (a.k.a 'Ben City') and is one of the three finalists in the MTV Base VJ Search competition. She counts Khosi Nkosi as one of her favourite designers and says she shops everywhere- from the malls to Joburg bargain bins.

How would you describe your personal style?
Nomuzi: The basic principle I have with my style is "how do I feel in the morning". So I have no specific style but it is influenced my a lot. There are some African influences, modern blog influences and the joburg/cape town throw back style is also in there a bit. But it really depends how I'm feeling on that day.
Who are your style icons?
Nomuzi: I have a few. My aunt Rose definitely was that fly girl in her day I've gotten quite a few pieces from her. I love Rihanna, Poppy from 5fm and I like how Lira and Claire Mawisa always incorporate African influences in what they wear.

What are your thoughts on South African fashion and which designers do you like?
Nomuzi: South African fashion is really making a name for itself and I love that no matter where in the world our designers are showing they always stay true to themselves, their South African heritage and their culture. A designer that I really really who's sells from YDE is Khosi Nkosi. She has something for everyone and for every mood. She has funky stuff, more corporate stuff, some evening stuff and so much more. She just understands the up and coming woman in South Africa and she can dress her for any occasion. She's definitely one to look out for.

Where do you shop?
Nomuzi: I shop everywhere from Cotton- On to the boxes of second hand clothing at Noord in downtown Joburg. I love well worn clothing. I just feel like it has character and a story so a lot of my stuff is second hand. A lot of my shoes are from Joburg town too.
What are the latest trends that you are dying to rock?
Nomuzi: I don't know what the design is called but I'm dying to get my feet into a pair of those shoes with no heels. They are just so Lady Gaga, so OTT, I love them! I must find a pair.

Why do you think you are the perfect fit for the job?
Nomuzi: I feel like the SA industry needs a fresh new face and personality on their screens. Someone that has a very chilled and conversational presenting style. A person that the same person on tv and on the streets. I just want to be people's friend on tv. Someone you can relate to and can just kick it with. I've worked hard for this and I just feel like its my time.
Worst case scenario, you don't win. What will be next step in your journey?
Nomuzi: Sho... I don't know man. I don't see myself standing in another audition line after this. Mainly because I have faith that I'm gonna win and secondly because MTV Base is a huge platform and I've gotten international exposure out of this. So yeah man... Just keep hustling I suppose. I can only go up from here.
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