Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Getting Fresh with Soccer Fevah!

Pic by: Helene Nieuwenhius
(She sits next to me, she insisted on a "byline")

Even fashionistas are getting excited and as the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup approaches (what is it, like 20 days away now?), everyone is embracing the spirit of the beautiful game and donning their Football Friday gear.

I, at work, as well as my other colleagues have actually been given tee’s and vuvuzelas (branded) to wear and carry on Fridays. I actually love the idea.
Jacquie Myburgh-Chemaly wrote in her Times column, I think the other week (nne?), that she is finding it hard getting into the swing of 2010 fever; the colours- green and gold- are not something she sees herself in and I’m sure this is a conundrum facing many many fashionistas who would otherwise love to show their support for this soccer showpiece, a first for the African continent.
Well, SA Fashion Week might just be on the money as they present designs by popular local designers that might just be the key to fashioning a stylish soccer supporter identity.
Can’t wait to see. It all goes down in less than thirty minutes from now at Rosebank. Hope I’ll make it on time (crossing fingers).


Anonymous said...

Hayi Sandiso, umhle dude. Fuck!

Akona Ndungane said...

Where do you work by the way?

Blckseed said...

Thank you, guys!
Blog love always appreciated.
@Akona: I'm at ETV... at the mo! Still do the freelance thing, though. When I can.