Monday, May 24, 2010

Men's Magazines need to evolve too!

Men’s Fashion is not an issue that a lot of South African fashion press likes covering. Even our so-called men’s fashion publications (let’s see… it’s GQ and…????) tend to believe that men are not interested in reading much about fashion. A fashion spread and a couple of tips will do, they seem to think. The trends that shape men’s fashion is something men cannot give a toss about!

ALL Men want to read about mountain biking and extreme sports this and that…


I don’t know, but I- for one- enjoy reading about the trends and the designers behind men’s fashion but my thirst for that knowledge is only quenched by the coverage of these issues by women’s fashion titles who, unlike their male counterparts, don’t just paper over the stuff. But then again, I guess GQ would risk being called a “gay” publication if they did.
The indifference about men’s fashion by our media contributes to the weak exposure that designers get. Spreads in GQ, FHM and Men’s Health hardly ever feature items from designers like Ephraim Molingoana or Craig Port. And homegrown titles have failed to really appeal to this market simply because- I believe- they know not what they are doing.
Somebody out there, with the intention of attracting a substantial segment of the men’s magazine consuming market, needs to do proper research into what men are looking for; I don’t think talking about the size of their manhood all the time cracks it, neither does assuming that all men want to read about sports, politics and business. Men, too, like to relax and read about other stuff that is not so serious, please!

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