Wednesday, May 26, 2010


pics: Dazed Digital

Say hello to the new English Dandy!

Well, this is according to designers Hwan Sung Park and Chung Chung Lee, whose label called A.Hallucination aims to showcase “the modern English dandy”. The two designers have worked for renowned brands such as Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford and are inspired by the city of London.
Judging by the pics I see on Dazed Digital, I think this is a label I wouldn’t mind trying out. If only I can get hold of it in South Africa. They are not even being stocked anywhere in London yet as they are a start-up.
What I’d like to see, though, is a designer who will redefine the African dandy. I think it’s possible. Sylvester Falata, we are watching you! And those LISOF graduates had better jack up their game and shake this industry to the core. So far, I am failing to identify something in most department store mens' sections that can keep my eye away from wondering off to the ladies' section. Menswear is just not as exciting at this point in time. At least that is my opinion. Don't know how YOU feel.
South African fashion needs some menswear designers who are not afraid of transcending boundaries. For now, I’ll just feast my eyes on these pics.

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