Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fancy some Vogue Africa?


If Vogue Africa existed the above would be one of the covers. At least if Cameroonian make-up artist Mario Epanya were publisher. This is his fictional Vogue Africa cover, one of many that he makes. Mario, who has been buying Vogue for over three decades says he feels it doesn’t represent African creativity? Should it? Should Vogue even exist in Africa.

Well, some, like a Nigerian editor by the name of Uduak believe not.
“Africa has always been and will remain fashionable. African fashion and lifestyle focused magazines have emerged, including Arise and Canoe, offering both Western and African fashion consumers more options. Nevertheless, many Africans and African designers still feel the need for Western validation via VOGUE Africa and similar Western fashion brands, rather than wholeheartedly supporting their own with their pocket book and patronage. African customers will buy VOGUE Africa, despite an African renaissance, before they do their own. It is the reality and psyche of Africans and sadly is what it is. Ultimately, and this is no slippery slope, African publishing businesses in the continent will be forced out of business.” Uduak says.
Well, whatever... but if Vogue hit these shores, I want to be on that editorial team.
Hope those at Conde Nast SA are paying attention!

Read the full story and see more of Mario Epanya’s fictional Vogue Africa covers here


Maque DeGorgeous said...

YES! a complete dream to work there... LOL! love this article - posted my full opinion on my blog (to avoid blog-within-a-blog blogging, you know how i can get!)

Great stuff!

Dladla said...

Say we get this "Vogue Africa", what are the chances of its content being clean of western culture and influence?

Yes, I agree, Africa has always been fashionable (and it will continue to be), but how many sources, designers or whatever, represent a pure African sense in fashion? A few I would say.

What I'm trying to say here is that, whether or not one feels that Vogue doesn't represent this continent well enough, western culture is here to stay and there's nothing anyone can do to change that.

Of course, not unless local sources, designer and so forth embark on continuously being inspired by what Africa offers.

Great piece otherwise.

Linda said...

I loved the whole 'Vogue Africa' idea but unfortunately as beautiful as these covers may be, I don't think that Africa is ready to have its own Vogue. It really is a pity because we have so much to work with. I also think that since there's such a huge cultural melting pot (hence the latest gaultier show) whether its in art or fashion, Africa cannot completely be detached from the West or anywhere else for that matter.