Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Take Gaga with a pinch of salt, will you?


Outrageous! A teenager prancing about in public with her underwear, preferring it as “outerwear”…

Well, maybe not in the age of Gaga. Timesonline UK assesses Gaga’s effect on fashion as she embarks on her UK tour. Teenagers and fashion aficionados worldwide have taken to the shock wardrobe effect of Gaga’s stage persona and the good thing about it, I believe, is that it inspires a sense of individuality.
Those who had previously been scared to express themselves in ways that others would have frowned upon now feel it is not so horrid to be labeled “weird”. The trouble, however, is whether or not people begin to interpret “individual” as “outrageous”.
I see no sense of individuality in prancing around looking like a Lady Gaga wannabe. Individual style is about remaining true to one’s tastes, going to the extremes to shock the living daylights out of everyone around you, to me, sounds like a lack of style but more like a penchant for attention.
I think a line needs to be drawn between admiring people for their style and people who steal the limelight purely because they are doing what seems out of the ordinary. Weird, after all, is not always wonderful.


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