Tuesday, June 10, 2014


If I was styling Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage for the recent MTV MAMA red carpet I would have pinned hoop earrings, gold rings for days and some fresh sneaks on her. Maybe something from that Solange-PUMA Girls of Blaze vibe or perhaps something from adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott. I would have kept the dress (love the sporty vibe of it) and maybe even the purse, too. 
In spite of my own ideas of how this look could have been vamped up I have to say that her look stands out as perhaps one of my favs at the recent awards event. Many would probs point out that the look is too simple for a red carpet do, but that is the very reason I like it. There's a perception that all awards events warrant over the top matric dance-esque costumery- that's what it comes across as- and this often turns out horribly for a lot of our young starlets because most of them end up looking like they are spending all their red carpet time trying to make up for those ugly matric dance memories. Wearing a ball gown to an awards ceremony like the SAMAs or SAFTAs is perhaps great. Those events are trying to reflect the music and television industries, respectively, as actual industries so I guess- for me- the formal vibe flies there because of that. I find events like the MTV Awards, which are far less about how your industry peers see you and more about the fans, to require far less of a formal disposition. This is an opportunity for one to step out looking all swag and no play! This is where you rock the latest streetwear trends and pitch up in something that speaks to the MTV demographic: young, fresh... cool! Definitely not stiff, so why the fuck are you stiff, then? Why are you out here trying to look like you've just stepped out of a Disney production? If you are going to rock up in a gown, then make it look rock 'n roll, please! Even I don't know what that means, but I guess what I'm trying to say is: think latest trends rather than simply going couture (even the seamstress who lives down the road from your mom's and thinks he is a designer probably has 'couture' attached to his brand name).
I don't know any of Tiwa Savage's music but what her look says to me is that she knows what time it is. Others just came across as too excited. Who wouldn't be for a chance to look all hot in Miguel's company? But quite frankly, being overly excited can result in overdressing. Get the idea that all that glitters is gold out that handsome head of your's sometimes. Damn it, Miss Savage! Why didn't we pin some rollerblades on you too, boo?!!! Ok, I kid, but you know what I'm getting at, don't you? It's the god damned MTV Awards!!! This IS the time to give something unexpected. Rihanna didn't get the CFDA Award for style icon of the year by being predictable, after all. Unless of course you want to set the bar for yourself real low, because that has its benefits too: Mzansi loves mediocre!

DISCLAIMER: I did not see all the red carpet looks, just the few that were selected by the MTV Base publicists for the post show media pack.

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