Friday, October 15, 2010

Fat Ain't Fancy!

Okay. I promise I am not trying to be controversial or anything, but just trying to stay real.
A lot of my friends think I am "fattist"- they think I discriminate against overweight people- but the truth is that I don't. I do however express my concerns with regards to weight. Yes, I'm skinny and I am not condoning some sort of crazy diet to people for them to look like me. I'm not perpetrating some fashion industry propaganda about weight, but the simple truth is that fat kills!
If you don't believe me, maybe some of the stories that contestants in this new reality show called "Dance your Butt Off" (which I think should have been "Dance that Flab Off") will be sharing with viewers will actually make people realise that fat is bad. I've read about the stories in a press release sent to me and I am convinced that being overweight is not only a murderer, but it also impacts on self esteem and healthy relationships altogether. One of the contestants, with whom I am a bit familiar, has a great personality that forces one to believe that he has embraced his weight and walks around with pride, but his story on this show tells the exact opposite. Fat people don't actually enjoy the attention they get when they hit the dancefloor because, quite frankly, the attention is not brought on by their skills but by the comical nature of a big person dancing which I honestly find upsetting. Fat people allow themselves to be turned into these "funny" objects by embracing something they actually are not proud of.
Fat simply isn't fancy! I don't care what you may think Beth Ditto represents.
I can't wait to see these men dancing it off, because that's what should be encouraged.
That's all!
"Dance Your Butt Off" is on SABC 1 on Tuesdays at 6.30pm

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