Friday, October 1, 2010

SA Fashion Week Strong on Femininity

Utilitarian fashion was the order of the day at SA Fashion Week’s Winter Collections 2011 last night as Silver Spoon, Christopher Strong and Colleen Eitzen showcased their new collections back-to-back, followed by Two and Rachel Demardt. It was an affirmation of femininity, as one who is familiar with these brands would expect, with sexy-but-not-tacky body hugging silhouettes.

I loved the barnyard feel to Silver Spoon’s light fabrics, playful prints that included florals and the grey school socks on purple stockings with brown brogues that completed the styling. It was very old-worldly, practical and beautifully crafted, I thought. As cliché as it sounds, Christopher Strong put on a strong showing. If I’m not mistaken; this was their fashion week debut and I’m certain that they managed to bag themselves quite a number of new fans (I already am, love these guys).
I don’t have pics… yet, but I will be posting over the weekend alongside a couple of walkthrough videos I took and will be taking as fashion week draws to a close this Saturday.

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