Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Return of the Frock Report

This is a post I'm really excited about. Remember when Jacquie Myburgh-Chemaly announced that she would no longer be penning her weekly fashion column on TimesLIVE? I posted a blog lamenting the situation and her blog- The Frock Report- on the same newssite also grinded to a halt, remaining idle for the past two months now.
Well, the column is yet to be revived but the blog is on it's way back with Sarah Badat and (wait for it...) yours truly as the new Frock Reporters.
It is a great honour for me to be part of a blog that has previously been run by two women- Visi Magazine editor Jacquie Myburgh-Chemaly and Marie Claire editor Aspasia Karras- that I have the utmost respect for. Sarah and I hope to keep the Frock Report exciting for it's readers and to really inspire dialogue about fashion and style all the time.
I haven't made a decision about what will happen to Trends Beyond Threads, but for now, it remains. Do keep coming back, but do also check out The Frock Report. We haven't yet made our first update, but will be doing so as soon as the technicalities have been taken care of.

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