Monday, October 4, 2010

Beyond Art and Fashion

Of course designer clothing has to be beautiful, but what I truly appreciate from a designer is the ability to display both beauty and intelligence in their designs. At SA Fashion Week AW2011 this past week none pulled that off more convincingly than Clive Rundle and emerging designer Cleo Droomer. In fact, methinks Droomer showed more intelligence than a lot of established designers did with his spandex-rich collection. I can't wait to see how this promising designer is going to grow within this industry.
Putting on a show rather than merely presenting a collection also adds spark to any designer's work (duh, that's why it's called a fashion show, stupid!) and few in the world match John Galliano's dramatic shows and equally dramatic collections. If there is a distinction between art and fashion Galliano escapes the confines with ease and transcends the boundaries of both.
Here are some pics from his SS2011 Charlie Chaplin inspired menswear and '20s inspired womenswear.

pics: Dazed Digital and

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