Tuesday, October 19, 2010


1. Seth Rotherham, Blogger
"You can't do better than shopping in the US- great for timeless essentials"

2. Larry Cohen, Professional Footballer
"I just wear what I feel comfortable in"

3. Themba Mngomezulu, Darkie Clothing Founder
South Africa's worst dressed man is "all politicians. They put the country to shame."

4. Mokotjo Mohulo, Fashion Designer
"Fashion is an illusion. A way to make people see you the way you want them to"

5. Shaun De Wet, Model/Businessman
"There's nothing worse than seeing someone dressed as though they took the exact look off a mannequin"

6. Siyabonga Ngwekazi, TV Presenter and Radio DJ
"Style is not a game. To me, at least, this thing is a science"

7. Guy Ndlovu, TV Personality
"If I'm going to wear anything baggy it's going to be a tracksuit"

 8. Tyrone Arendse
"My dress sense is classic, but I include one or two unusual accessories"

9. Andrew McDade, Marketing Manager
"The people at work seem to think my rolled-up trousers and no socks look is quite amusing"

10. Spoek Mathambo
Shop "Joburg's city centre, you will find stuff there that you won't find anywhere else"

Other men in the top 50 that are worth mentioning include:
DJ Kenzhero, DJ
Mpumi Mcata, Rockstar
Sandile Zungu, Businessman
Ephraim Molingoana, Fashion Designer
Steve Tanchel, Fashion Photographer
...and many more as listed in the November issue of GQ Magazine


Anonymous said...

I like it, nana! I'm subscribing right now! ^_^


Anonymous said...

Hey, nana...can you please get a subscribe button. I want new updates/posts to come straight to my inbox.


Buhle '08 said...

I really am not sure about this list... but anyway its progressive enough and that's good.
I have an issue though with how bland it looks. Couldn't they dress up the younger guys like Sya and Guy in the colourful clothes they always wearing? Seriously! Then we'd understand why they made the Top 10!

MQ Mhlanzi said...

Maybe its because I never see some of these guys on a regular...especially the okes on the list who are from cape town...but in all honesty, this years list was not up to the standard...the name is Gentlemans Quartely...some of the men in this list dont hold up to those values.