Monday, October 11, 2010

PlayBoy Magazine Returns to SA Market

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Playboy has never been the type of magazine I would even buy. Well, judging from what I see on television with regards to other international issues. I was way too young to even be bothered about it when the mag still existed on these shores and didn't know how to react when I read that they are ready to relaunch a South African edition as soon as April 2011. That is not too far into the future, it's actually soon.
I'm sure a lot of people will be pleased but I, for one, will wait and see what's on offer when the mag drops. I'm not too much of a Hugh fan. I'm not into oggling girls with big bossoms, but there are people out there who do enjoy this sort of thing and for them this will probably be a welcome development. I was just happy watching Holly and the other bunnies on E! Mindless entertainemtn, I call it.
The online version is apparently due to launch sometime this month on

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