Monday, November 15, 2010

Normal is soooo Overrated!

Me and My "Faux-Hawk do"!
Remember the scene in American Beauty where Mina Suvari's character gets hysterically mad over being called "normal"? I think it is funny how she strives to be different that even the thought that she may not be is daunting.
Personally, I can't claim to be the most unique of characters, but I am often reminded- especially at work- that, dude, there are people out there that find you quite weird! This was never as clear to me as it was when a couple of weeks ago I decided to get rid of my dreadlocks in favour of a faux-hawkish hairstyle (not cut). Every morning I comb my hair up and brush it up on the sides as well to achieve the look. The first time I walked into the office (which is an open-plan space) rocking the do, a bunch of girls were in stitches. Unaware of what it is they were laughing about I went ahead and asked; "Share the joke". Apparently, I was the joke.
"What on earth is going on on your head?" they asked. As you'd probably expect, methinks my hairstyle quite stylish, if I have to say so myself, so the laughter sounded no less than silly to me- especially coming from one of the girls who was wearing a purple sequins top in broad daylight.
The conclusion I came to in my head is that I'd rather be laughed at for being brave and doing whatever I feel necessary with my own hair and style than fall into the category of these girls' chosen box of normal. Why? I find "normal" and her friends (the said girls) to be spectacularly boring and overrated. I do not know what it constitutes; maybe those who find me "funny" are better placed to define what it is.

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Dladla said...

We all look at each other differently and therefore, the way we see other people differs from the way they see themselves. In the process we tend to discriminate -not only by laughing but by gesturing in those gossip-kinds of-ways- at each other.

The minute a person start to think s/he is normal compared to the other person, s/he is losing it. By doing that we are judging and stating that we are better, whereas we are not.

Different, we all are. But the answer to the question of who is normal lies within each individual. That makes us all normal/abnormal in our respective styles, structures and interests.

By the way, I don’t find anything laughable about your current-hair dos.