Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rethinking Men and Floral Shirts

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I haven't been to Durban in a while now, but last I checked the boys down there had a floral print shirt addiction that made me want to puke. On every street corner, you would be lucky not to spot a bloke looking like a bunch of roses. I'm evidently not a floral print shirt fan, but maybe that's because I am put off by how men I've seen wear the damn thing. They all tend to look like they go to the same, unqualified stylist with a BEE-style kind of outlook on fashion.
Well, today I was convinced otherwise. I mean, look at how the dude in the pic above is rocking floral so stylishly. Well, he may be a model, but be that as it may, forthe first time, I am convinced that floral shirts can work for me. This is a Liberty Of London offering. Maybe you, too, can be convinced that floral is not so appauling after all. "Liberty Prints, for Pretty Boys" on sure did convince me!

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Anonymous said...

I still think floral shirts on men are appalling. The prints could make a lovely summer dress,yes but I'm still waiting for a dude that can pull it off.