Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Does A Magazine Come to Life? Ask Marie Claire!

Picture this; you flip through your favourite magazine and on the editor's letter page... BAM! The editor pops out of it and tells you exactly what she would have otherwise written there. You turn to the fashion spread and instead of still pictures, the fashion director is taking you through the shoot and where she sourced the clothes on her models!
Well, technology is not that advanced just yet, but this experience here comes close, I guess. Marie Claire Magazine will this weekend host a pop-up store at Hyde Park shopping centre during the Food, Wine and Design Fair, where readers will be given the opportunity to interact with the magazine editors, fashion designers (including Ole Ledimo, David Tlale and Black Coffee amongst others) in addition to shopping and watching behind-the-scenes footage of Marie Claire fashion shoots whilst sipping wine in the company of true fashionistas.
I don't know about you, but this blogger is definitely going there. It is at least a step towards making what I think is South Africa's best magazine this year that tad more interactive. Interactivity is the future of publishing anyways.
Now, stop picturing and experience!

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