Monday, November 8, 2010

Do You Love Yourself?

I love me and it's a good thing. Everyone should love themselves! After much contemplation about how I'm going to manage two blogs without boring people with the same content over and over (I am one person after all), I've decided that The Frock Report will be about reportage of fashion and style- which I did on this blog to a certain extent- and Trends Beyond Threads will continue another one of it's functions; being a platform for my opinions on events on the fashion calendar and beyond. What will change from here onwards, however, is that I'll be injecting a bit more of my personality into Trends Beyond Threads (read: you'll be seeing a lot more pictures of this blogger). I hope not to nauseate you with vanity, but simply to share exciting events in the life of this fashion scribe, fashion lover, lover of life and collector of memories. Stay with me. I love me and you, too, might just love me. I hope you love yourself, too.

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