Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trendy Babies, The McCartney Way

Years from now some trendy teenaged girl(or boy) will sit with her friends sharing fashion and style tips. She'll dominate the discussion and with an air of arrogance, proclaim; "I should know. I've been wearing Stella McCartney since I was born!"
Not too sure how I feel about that, but hey... The economic meltdown, in my view, has done very little by way of countering our consumerist mentality as a race. So, so be it! We want, we want, we want and courtesy of Stella McCartney, parents who "want" on behalf of their kids can now get! Mother, you must know, though; I am not trying to go from wearing Stella to wearing some or other department store chain item.
Stella McCartney's long awaited kiddies' collection is out and it is looking very pretty and I am quite sure my sister will "want" for my one year old niece, too.
(pics: publicity shots from Stella McCartney)

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