Monday, July 29, 2013


Late last year I became addicted to Solange Knowles's album titled "TRUE". We all know the meaning of the term, right? I bet for Ms Knowles it was about putting out an album that is true to her art. For me "TRUE" has become symbolic of a similar aspiration; simply doing me the best way I know how. Simple as this may sound, it really isn't. We often get stuck in jobs we don't like. We get stuck in friendships and relationship we'd rather not be in because at times we fail to remain true to ourselves. We are often caged by blind loyalty. So, when retailer Woolworths asked me what it is I stand for I responded to that email with "T.R.U.E" which stands for... Well. Just look at the picture. The folks at Woolies were kind enough to print a tee and dog tag engraved with those words- my words. Thank you, Woolworths.

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