Sunday, August 11, 2013


In March this year my friend Malibongwe and I started sharing our knowledge of media with several other creatives who were part of the Joule City Arts Incubator  in Cape Town on the conveners' request. One of the requirements for our part of the sessions was to produce something tangible that the participants could use to show what it is they learned from us. From the word go it became clear to us that we had to use this opportunity to launch something we'd been talking about for a long time- Skattie Magazine. Most of you will know Mali's blog called Skattie What Are You Wearing. The magazine is more like an extension of that and I can promise you that the content is like nothing you've probably ever seen before. Although I had to leave Mali to continue alone at a later stage of the magazine's development- largely due to having had to go back to full time employment- seeing the results of the work we did and how it all turned out has been the most exhilarating experience. We launched it on Friday last week in Cape Town and are thrilled about the feedback we have so far received. Please feel free to download a copy of the magazine via this link:


Zimmy** said...

It's such an amazing magazine! So refreshing to see something like this being launched!

Thembelihle Sokhela said...

so i downloaded it yesterday and I think it is such a great mag, reminds me of the old POP and Dossier magazines. just pure fashion and art. I mean i love my glossy mags (Elle and all) but this here is what i live for (being a lover of fashion photography especially) its just a breath of freshness, I can actually read the damn thing and not be disturbed by over bearing graphics and various things all competing for attention. i say keep it up and keep it fresh and clean, hooked. ooohw most importantly i soooooooo loved the contemporary dance photos (my God!) took a pause from breathing just to view these pictures, amazing work team.