Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Starting 2011 Off On A Highly Fashionable Note

Hey There

It's not everyday that a fashion blogger can brag about having contributed to two of the country's premiere fashion mags in one month and honestly... I can't contain the excitement. I tried. It just wouldn't happen. And so, I have to share... I contributed articles to Marie Claire and ELLE for their respective January 2011 issues. Now... Go get your copies!

P.S: My sincerest apologies if I sound like a brag-a-boo. I'm just proud. #thatsall ;-)


Buhle '08 said...

Good for you Sandiso! Its great that bloggers are making forays into glossies!
You're a great ambassador for us bloggers!

Stacey said...

Read both your articles....awesome